Can Nebraska get a visit?

The season is over for Michael Buchanan and finally he is about to take some official visits. There are three visits that are set for him with the first coming this weekend. Beyond that though, there seem to be two teams that are jockeying for position to get a visit from him. Is one of those teams the Huskers and can they get him to take a trip?

The Huskers are looking to add playmakers to the defensive end position and Michael Buchanan might be what they are looking for. The 6-foot-6 and 220-pound Buchanan from Flossmoor (Mo.) Homewood-Flossmoor is ready to start taking some trips.

"Our season is over," Buchanan said. "We didn't make it to the playoffs. We ended up being 4-5. We didn't live up to the expectations for the year."

Buchanan didn't play up to the level that he wanted to, but playing out of position probably has a lot to do with that. Up to this year, Buchanan has played only defensive end.

"I believe that I had four or five sacks. I know that I didn't play as well as I should have. They had me playing linebacker this year instead of defensive end.

"Up to this year I have played defensive end. They needed a guy to linebacker and there were some thoughts that the other teams wouldn't be able to run away from me."

With the season out of the way, despite basketball starts Monday, Buchanan is looking to get some trips in this month. He has three set up for the weekends in November all ready. There are two others that he might visit.

"I am taking my first official visit on November 8 to Vanderbilt. After that I am going to Illinois the next weekend and then I am going to Purdue the week after that.

"I might go and visit California. I don't have a date set up for Cal yet. I am not sure if I will take that one. I am not sure which school I will take those last two, but my top three is set.

"I am still looking at Nebraska too. The fifth team on my list is Nebraska. If I do take any visits beyond my top three then I might take a trip to see Nebraska."

As a defensive end, Buchanan has the size and the speed that you look for in an edge rusher. More than that, he has a motor that never quits.

"I like to rush the passer. I like to play the run too. I think that I have a good motor and that helps me a lot to keep me going and for me to keep playing to the whistle."

When Buchanan makes his decision it will be for an ideal situation. Buchanan would like to see the field early, get a good education and hopefully get ready to play in the NFL someday.

"I just want to go into a good situation. I would like to go to a place where there is a possibility to play early. I want to get a good education and hopefully move to the next level."

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