A change of plans

There have been a couple of times, before this scheduled weekend visit, for Abrecus Martinez to make a trip up to see Nebraska. The first was this summer on or around summer camp that just did not work out. Then, there was an earlier scheduled official visit date that had to slide out. This weekend, Martinez was set to finally make it in until bad news came along.

One of the expected visitors for Nebraska this weekend, in a home game against Kansas, was supposed to be Abrecus Martinez. Martinez, a tall, athletic wide receiver, from Rayville (La.) will not make it in this weekend either.

"No, he's not," Head Coach Bo Barton said. "We are having a hard time with Abrecus. His mom was just diagnosed with cancer and she started chemo today.

"He's not even playing this week. He's having a hard time with this, some issues with the diagnosis, and he's just not going to be able to make it. Like I said, he's not even playing this week."

Coach Bo Barton isn't sure what to expect when it comes to Martinez getting back on the field or taking any visits. The situation, personally, is definitely dictating and understandably so.

"We don't know what to expect right now. We just hope that he can get going, get it together mentally and get out there and start playing again when the playoffs start.

"That's where we are with him and that. It's just a very tough situation for him and that is really all I know about that right now."

Coach Barton and Rayville have another regular season game this Friday and then they will find out about the playoffs this Sunday.

"We have another week before playoffs start. We have the game on Friday night and the selection committee is Sunday. Then we will find out who and where.

"If we win Friday night we are going to play at home, we know that. We just don't know who it will be against and when the game will actually be."

Rayville's record is .750, but the losses that they have had have been to teams that are the whose who of Louisiana football. Rayville is a young team that has improved all season long.

"We are 6-3 right now. We lost to Bastrop who had won 50 in a row until last Friday night. We lost to Calvary Baptist who is 9-0 right now. Then we lost to our district rival, Ridgewood.

"We just lost to Ridgewood last Friday. That's a team that has won two district titles in three years and we have won the other three. It's a great rivalry and they have a good team.

"We haven't just lost to anybody. We have been beaten by some very good teams. Friday night we played our best game. We are young and have gotten better."

The season that Martinez has had isn't like the one that he had the year before. Last year, he enjoyed some favorable match-ups with teammates getting double-teamed. This year, he is drawing the double-teams.

"It's been going OK. It hasn't gone like last year, but a lot of that had to do with Chris Toliver. People know who he is now. Abrecus reaped the benefits of Toliver being double-teamed last year.

"This year, teams are playing one underneath and one over the top of him everywhere he goes. He's had some four, five or six catches a game and then there's been games with just one or two.

"It's not going great like it was last year with 50-some catches, but it's definitely going OK for Abrecus this year."

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