Commitment Tracker: DT Thaddeus Randle

In the drama that is recruiting, it is suspense that sells. Therefore, when a prospect commits (especially when he does it early), a certain amount of luster is lost. The truth is, most fans care deeply about how or what their commits are doing. This is precisely why places an emphasis on those whose future is set. catches up with Nebraska commit, Thaddeus Randle.

Thaddeus Randle

High School: North Shore (TX) High School

Position: DT

Commitment: Nebraska

How did the season go; as a whole and personally?


"The season went really good. We're 8-0 and getting ready to play against Beaumont West Brook for the district. We're both undefeated in the district, so the winner takes all. This is going to have to be my best game. They got the 8th ranked running back in nation in Christine Michael. It's going to be a great game. [Imma] have to show out for this one."


"I'm doing good. I got like 30 something tackles and 7 sacks. I might even have more tackles but I'm doing good. I get a lot of double teams, like every down really, so it gets hard to make plays but it comes with the territory."

Have you been to any college games this year; Nebraska or others?

"I went up to Nebraska for the Virginia Tech game for my official visit. It was real nice. The people are nice and the atmosphere was crazy but the facilities are extraordinary. Seeing the facilities was crazy."

Since committing, have you picked up any new offers and are schools still recruiting you?

"Stanford had offered me awhile ago and they still recruit me. I get letters and things, but for the most part, schools have moved on. They know that I'm solid to Nebraska."

Do they (Stanford) want you to take an official visit?

"I don't know. I would take a free trip though if I could but, more than likely, I wont. I haven't given it much thought."

What are your plans for after the season?

"[Imma] take some time off to rest my body. Then [imma] start training. Doing running workouts and lifting. Basically, [imma] just be preparing myself for when I got to go to Nebraska. I [wanna] play early, so I have to be ready.

What is the one thing that you are most looking forward to about playing college football?

"I really wanna get there to start playing. I think I can get in the mix and contribute early. That is what I'm most excited about. Going down there to play."

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