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This isn't the first time that Shawn Bodtmann has been to Lincoln, Nebr. to see a game. However, this was the first time that Bodtmann had been to Lincoln to see the Huskers play another team. The first time, it was for the spring game which is an experience in itself when Nebraska sells out for a scrimmage. However, the environment is always better for a part of the season.

Nebraska got a chance to go out and play Kansas this Saturday; a team that hung 76 on them last year. The Huskers were looking to become bowl-eligible and Shawn Bodtmann noticed there was some intensity in the air.

"It was a great time," Bodtmann said. "It was a great weekend. The atmosphere was awesome. I think that the atmosphere was amplified because it was just an exciting game.

"It's a bit of a rivalry too and that is one of the reason that everyone was just so into the game. The atmosphere for that game was just awesome."

Another thing that was in the air that everyone noticed was a bit of a nip. Coming from the northeast, Bodtmann is at least used to it and came prepared.

"Being from Pennsylvania I am used to the cold weather and it wasn't that big of a problem for me. It was a little cold, but I dressed for the occasion and it didn't bother me really."

Bodtmann was in Lincoln for the spring game and saw everything that he needed to see then to make a decision. This time, he just wanted a chance to hang with the team.

"Actually I think that the first time I saw everything there that I needed to see. It was just nice to get some quality time with some of the guys."

Another thing that Bodtmann was able to see, in person, this weekend was to see the linebackers at work. Bodtmann said that the packages and the rotations show opportunity.

"I really like the way the position roams free. They have nice little packages going and good rotation and I really like that. Everyone gets a chance to show what they can do."

Scranton (Pa.) had their season come to a halt last week. This year did not live up to the expectations, but there were some things that happened that they weren't counting on.

"Our season actually ended last week. We had a pretty down year. We had some injuries. It just wasn't what we were hoping for."

There is still a chance that Bodtmann will try and make it back up again before he enrolls this summer. As of right now, he is just playing it by ear.

"I am just going to see how everything plays out. I would like to get out there again before summer comes around, but if I don't I will be out there soon enough."

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