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It's always a concern when a school has to bring in visitors for less than ideal weather situations. There is little that can be done about rain, but rain is relative to all places. A player from Florida though isn't used to the freezing temperatures that Nebraska can receive and that is exactly what Al-Terek McBurse saw in Lincoln this weekend.

This was a long weekend for all of the recruits that were at Nebraska this weekend. Al-Terek McBurse just got back to Winter Springs (Flor.) and had a chance to talk about the visit.

"I am home," McBurse said. "It was an awesome trip. I liked everything. The tunnel walk was crazy; getting a chance to come out and see all those fans.

"It was just crazy that all of those fans were there, it was packed, and the game hadn't even started. It was really a great experience."

From talking to the other recruits, one of the standout things about the weekend was the fans. McBurse noticed it as well. "The game atmosphere was great. The fans were there the whole time and it was loud. It was just a great experience."

The running backs were used a lot this weekend. There was a touchdown pass thrown by a running back, a long touchdown run of over 50 yards and a touchdown reception by a "fullback". McBurse liked it all.

"They use the running back similar to the way my high school uses me. They run the swing routes and the check routes. I like how they get the running back involved.

"I will do whatever it takes for my team on the field. I will do it all; even play another position. I do it all. I just want to play."

There was some unseasonably cold weather this weekend in Lincoln, but the visit gets a high mark from McBurse. The weather will not play in McBurse's decision.

"To me, the trip was great and I would give it a "9". It was a little cold, but I don't think that the cold will affect my decision. You get warm when you are on the field running around."

"After the visit, Nebraska is my #1. South Florida is my #2. Georgia Tech is my #3. I have offers from Nebraska, Kansas, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Minnesota, Florida International, Purdue and USF."

McBurse is on a pretty tight schedule. There are some things to do, sort out and then commit in the next 6-8 weeks. More than that, he will be packing and moving.

"I am going to try and get my decision done in December. I graduate and enroll at mid-term. I want to commit in December and enroll in January. That's the plan."

Winter Springs (Flor.) isn't going to have a post-season this year, but McBurse has had an excellent year running the football. He wasn't aware of what he did the last two games, but knew his stats before that.

"We have one more game to go, but we're out of the playoff picture. I had about 1,800 yards rushing the last time I looked and that was two games ago. I think that I have 17 touchdowns too."

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