Hey, it's Bo Pelini!

This is Bo Pelini. Yep, that's him. No, he hasn't been named the coach of anything at NU, but I heard from a guy that is close to a friend of mine that is the mother of this girl that's married to a person from Chicago that moved to Lincoln via Green Bay that has relatives still living in Wisconsin that said they hooked up the cable for Bo Pelini and he is coming here for sure. If that isn't a fact in the bank, I don't know what is.

You see, there's this guy that hooked up the cable for Bob Davie here in Lincoln. It was a rumor I heard, one bar to another, one café after that. This guy must have been the postman, his message was so well known, but I was getting calls because Bob was in town watching cable, using his Road Runner, but all be darned if the entire city knew it, but the media, even the University was oblivious.

This Pelini rumor is a little different.

He's a legit candidate. Ok, not like Bob Davie isn't, but he just got canned and I don't know about you, but do you want someone that still has a job or someone that was just relieved of theirs?

Coach Pelini is the current linebackers coach of the Green Bay Packers. Nine years of NFL experience have brought him here and not without some rather fine accolades. Check out some of these little stats.

- Last year, three of Pelini's linebackers (Bernardo Harris, Nate Wayne and Na'il Diggs) were amongst the top six Green Bay tacklers for the season.

- With the New England Patriots from 1997-1999, Pelini's "boys" accounted for three out of the top five tacklers on the team for the entirety of those three years.

Chris Slade a linebacker with the Patriots was voted to the Pro Bowl while under Pelini's tutelage, the first pro bowl linebacker for the Patriots in almost 10 years.


Worked under coaches like George Sieffert and Pete Carroll.

This year, two out of the top three tacklers for Green Bay are linebackers, Na'il Diggs and Nate Wayne), with Wayne leading the team, tallying 105 thus far.


Green Bay this year also ranks in the top half of the NFL in almost every defensive


Coach Pelini also has been a talent scout, a defensive assistant, secondary coach and was even a graduate assistant under the legend of Iowa, Hayden Fry.

There's simply no arguing that this guy has some credentials based on his performances, but he's got them on paper as well.

As a safety for Ohio State, he was voted Big Ten Academic All-Conference three times, was voted captain his senior year and he even received the "Bo Rein Award", annually given to the "most inspirational" player on the team. Pelini also earned his masters in Sports Administration at Ohio University, before embarking on his long and still successful career.

So, what's next?

Bo Pelini has gotten where he is the way you are supposed to. From high school at Cardinal Mooney High to his present position of LB coach at Green Bay, Pelini has paid his dues, going through the various levels one must usually have to, as they try to achieve whatever they deem to be the place they want to be.

The question is, is Nebraska the next step?

I've seen head coaches from the NFL go back to the collegiate ranks several times. Pete Carroll at USC, June Jones at Hawaii and the list goes on and on. It's not stepping down to go back up, but getting a new experience. It's more than likely with the credentials this man brings to the tables in combination with his age, he's not only key for the job, he's vital.

What this man can bring to the position is something they probably haven't had in awhile. A little charisma without the "coach speak", a little fire without the double talk and a defensive coordinator that actually goes out on the road and recruits. That's ultimately up to coach Frank Solich whether that happens, but you can't doubt the potential a guy coming straight from the NFL and a team like Green Bay no less can do for your recruiting woes.

Heck, let's just say that Bo Pelini is coming. Let's just say that he's trading green for red, Lambeau for Memorial and natural grass for Field Turf. Yeah, let's just all get as cozy with the thought of one Mr. Pelini being the future DC for the blackshirts.

After all, my cousin's mother from Detroit, who's sister has a brother in law, that has a colleague who's uncle is presently on the board of a company that is owned by a woman who's ex-husband is now hooking up cable in Lincoln, Nebraska and says, It's in the bag.

And, if you can't believe your cable guy, what's the world coming to?

Steve Ryan can be reached at huskerconnection@neb.rr.com or 402-730-5619

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