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The story of Antonio Bell is a unique one. Failing to qualify out of high school, because of a test score, Bell stayed in Florida and stayed in touch with Nebraska. The wide receiver from Daytona (Flor.) Mainland was very close to the test score needed and wanted to attain it and then enroll a semester late in Lincoln. This weekend he was back in Lincoln and is still fired up to be a Husker.

Antonio Bell was supposed to be part of the 2008 class at Nebraska. Instead, it will be the 2009 class after failing to achieve an adequate test score, Still, Bell is set on becoming a Husker.

This past weekend, Bell was in Lincoln for an official visit. Bell admitted that once he got home he has been tough to catch. He explained there is always something to do.

"When I am back home I am always on the run," Bell said. "I have been busy since I got back home basically. There is always something going on."

The visit to Nebraska, the second for Bell, was a good one. It was about seeing old faces and getting a chance to see the school that he committed to back in January.

"It went really well. It was good to get back up there. Everything was basically the same, but it was good to see everyone again and be around the coaches.

"I knew that everything there was legit, straight forward, but I just wanted to go through everything again and talk to the coaches again."

If there was one thing that was different this weekend for Bell it was the game. He especially liked the pre-game festivities for the players.

"The game just blew me away. All of the fans are so dedicated. Before the players, I did the tunnel walk, and the fans all had their hands out like we were part of the team."

Bell has only been to Lincoln when it has been cold. That doesn't bother him though because he knows, beyond college, he will have to play where he gets a chance.

"I was up there in January and it was cold then. Wherever I go it will get cold sometime. Winter affects everywhere. In the NFL, if I were to go to Green Bay what would I do then? You have to get used to it."

There is still the hurdle of a test score standing in the way for Bell. He has re-taken it recently and is awaiting his results. Nebraska should know first.

"I am getting my test scores sent directly to Nebraska. I should know what my test score is anytime this week. I should know anytime after Saturday.

"Basically, Nebraska has stood by me and once I know that I have received a passing test score I will be up in Lincoln this coming January."

This weekend, something else stood out to Bell. "Their top two receivers are seniors. With a spring to learn the offense that might help me get onto the field next year."

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