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After a solid year and a run into the playoffs, Jeremiah Sirles senior season has come to an end. The Husker commit gave Big Red Report his thoughts on his final year of high school football and how he plans to stay busy until he arrives in Lincoln.

Jeremiah Sirles, out of Lakewood (Colo.) Bear Creek high school, season didn't end the way he and his teammates envisioned, but they have nothing to hang their heads about. "We went 7-2 during the regular season," said Sirles. "In our first playoff game against Eaglecrest, we put up 62 points and had a solid game. But we had a tough loss last week to Cherry Creek in our second game of the playoffs. It was close at the half, but then after the half we had an interception returned for a touchdown, and that really hurt. Our defense isn't real good this year, so when our offense doesn't produce we struggle.

"Also the offensive coordinator at Cherry Creek was one of our coaches for about six years before that. So he knew our plays like the back of his hand. He knew what was coming. We would line up to run a play and I could hear him screaming out to the defense what we were about to run.

"There was nothing we could really do, it was kind of ridiculous. I still think we should have beaten them, but I guess that's why you play the game."

So with his season done, what's on the agenda now?

"I'm taking this week off, and then I start basketball on Monday. I like to play ball and it helps keep me in shape. I pretty much always stay around 300 pounds during football season then drop a few pounds during basketball."

Jeremiah also said he had an idea where he'd like to be weight wise when he steps foot on campus in Lincoln.

"I want to come in at a svelte 285 or 290," said Sirles with a laugh. "I already know I'm going to lose weight during basketball season, it just depends on how much. I'll be lifting too, I want to be fit and trim when I get up there."

How has life been since the commitment, are you happy with your decision?

"It was a big relief to get it over with and things have finally quieted down. I'm 100% sure about my decision and I'm not looking back. I just talked to coach Cotton about an hour ago, we always get along great."

It seems Jeremiah also has plans to take in another game before the Huskers '08 season concludes.

"I'm coming back up for the Colorado game, and I hope we blast them. Coach Cotton said he might try to get all four of the O-line commits to come up for that weekend too, so we can kind of all hang out together. I'm just excited to get to Nebraska and get started."

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