Giles wants to see Lincoln

The last time Big Red Report spoke to 4-star RB Jarvis Giles from Tampa (Flor.) Gaither, he was trying to set up an official visit to get a look at the Huskers. Now with the visit to Nebraska tentatively set, it appears those plans are contingent on other factors. In this latest update he gave us the facts surrounding his recruitment.

With only one home game left in the Huskers '08 season, will standout running back Jarvis Giles be able to make it up for an official?

"I hope so," said Giles. "But it all depends on my playoff game this Friday against Chamberlain. If we come out with a win, I probably won't be able to make it there that weekend. If we lose, I'll be up in Lincoln to see Nebraska play Colorado. I want to get up there and see what that program has to offer."

And according to Giles, he'll be doing all he can to win that playoff game.

"I'm going to play running back, return some kicks and play defense. They play me at corner and sometimes safety. I'm not a great corner, so I'll have to man up this Friday. I don't ever get tired, so just leave me out there."

On the recruiting front, Jarvis just recently returned from a visit to South Carolina (11/8), and gave us his thoughts on the visit.

"It was straight and I had fun at the game. There were some fans screaming my name, that was cool. I got to talk a lot to coach Steve Spurrier. He talked a lot about how much he wanted me. He and coach Reaves wanted me to commit. But I told them I need to hold out, I don't need to do anything rash like that."

Since opening up his recruitment, Jarvis said he's heard it all.

"To be honest, all this stuff is starting to sound the same. I hear a lot of the same things from different coaches, I've probably heard every verse and every line, and I just have to pick out who I think is being honest with me. I'm going to be somewhere four or five years, I need to make the right decision."

What about his contact with the Nebraska staff, does he feel they've been upfront about the situation?

"That's why I like coach Beck, he is straight up with you. He just came by my school yesterday to see me and talk a little bit. But we talked later that night on the phone."

He went on to talk about the positives he heard about the Husker program.

"He just was telling me about how they could use a back with my speed on the roster up there. I know they always have those big offensive lines, and are looking at going to bowl games every year. They have also put so many running backs in the league. They also have a better offense than South Carolina and Tennessee.

"I already knew about that QB commit from Texas they have, I think his name is Cody Green. I've even heard other coaches from other colleges talk about that guy, so he must be good. Coach Beck really likes their O-line class too."

In our previous update with Jarvis, he mentioned another program that might get a visit. But after consulting with his father, they are no longer an option.

"Yeah, I was considering Illinois. Their coaches wanted me to come up last weekend. My dad didn't even want me going on a visit over there. My dad used to be in the Navy and lived in Chicago. He said there was no way I was moving up there, too many bad areas. Even if I try to stay out of trouble, it will find you there."

Jarvis stated that Nebraska, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee were his final four. To date, no visits are slated beyond Nebraska. Big Red Report will keep you updated on his visit status to Nebraska, and his recruitment as the information comes in.

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