Still on the run

Not even Cody Green would have guessed that with one game into the playoffs that he would be this close to going for 2,000 yards passing and 1,000 yards rushing. What's more is that Green couldn't have imagined that he would have the passing yardage before the rushing yardage. The future Husker weighs in on the season, the record and some late interest he's receiving.

Dayton (Texas) is making a run at a state title and Cody Green is leading the way. The Nebraska commitment has led his team to victory once already this post-season.

"We played our first round already," Green said. "We won, 39-28. We played Livingston. Right now, this is set up for us to go all the way.

"That is what people have been saying since the beginning of the year. We had one slip up against Friendswood, but other than that it's been flawless."

This season, Green has thrown for 23 touchdowns passing, four interceptions and added 20 touchdowns rushing. All of that scoring is on the heels of Green possibly going 2,000/1,000.

"No sir, I think that I am like 75 yards away from 1,000 yards rushing. I had said it before, but I really didn't think that I would be this close already.

"I figured by the end of the season and maybe if we made it all the way to the championship then maybe I would get it. I didn't think this early."

The fact that Green has enough passing yards for the mark is a bit of a surprise to him. He thought it would have been the other way around.

"I actually thought that it would be faster to get the 1,000 yard rushing faster instead of the 2,000 passing. I thought I was going to just run the whole time."

Green says that as far as his season goes this year that one play stands out right now. It was a big game against a conference opponent and it was a great individual effort to get a score.

"It was versus North Forest, I would have to say. It was our big, it was the big, game at the time. We were undefeated and they were undefeated at the time.

"I think that I had a 65 yard touchdown run. That was my big point. It was a designed run. I hit the sideline, jumped over a guy, crossed back over the field and scored."

Green is less than two months away from enrolling at Nebraska in the spring. While he's excited to get started, he is a little caught up in the moment of being a senior.

"I am having mixed feelings. Half of me wants to stay because I am having such a good time. If I wasn't having such a great senior year then I could see myself wanting to go."

When Green steps on the field this week for his second round game there will be a fairly large contingent of Nebraska coaches in the stands.

"We play this Friday and Nebraska will be there. Coach Bo Pelini, Coach Shawn Watson and Coach Mike Ekeler will all be here from Nebraska."

While Nebraska will be there it's possible that they might not be the only coaches in attendance. Recently, an in-state school was in the stands to see Green play.

"I have been told by some people that Texas was in town to see me play. I think that they have been contacting my coach. It's over. I am 100% to Nebraska. They are wasting gas."

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