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When you are a recruit, depending on who you are, there's a lot of different criteria going into your decision. Whether it's location, something to do, type of offense or defense, coaching, players or whatever, you take all this stuff into account and from that, make your decision. Sometimes though, there's no real combination of things that players like. Sometimes, it just comes down to one thing. At least for now, it certainly has for Calvin.

Calvin Roberts - QB/S - 6-1,190, 4.4/40 - Port Aurthur, TX. - Give it to me straight. Simple. Concise. To the point. If a player is saying this, that means he just wants the skinny, not the "fat". The fat being the dog and pony shows, the sales pitches and the "your our guy" type of speeches for purposes of sweeping a recruit emotionally off their feet, them finding importance in their role for that team.

Some just want it simple and that's why Calvin has Nebraska has his number one school right now. "They just come up front with me." Calvin said. "They tell me the truth and I just feel comfortable around coach Brown." Calvin was referring to Nebraska's receivers' coach, Ron Brown, noted as one of NU's best recruiters.

Unlike most schools also, Nebraska is recruiting Calvin for the offensive side of the ball, rather than defensive. They want him as a quarterback. For Calvin, that's where he wants to be. "That's what I am." Roberts stated.

As a quarterback, Calvin fits the mold of typical NU recruits, long on speed, short on a whole lot of passing experience, but Roberts will be the first one to say that his passing isn't his short-coming, but another weapon he can burn defenses with. "I think I'm rated as a QB." Calvin stated. "I look to pass first and if I have receivers that can get open, I know I can get them the ball."

Of course, if he can't get them the ball, he states simply, "I'm gone.". With Cavlin's speed, "gone" might be the correct description indeed.

Nebraska is his leader, but they aren't the only schools he is looking at or that's looking at him. As a matter of fact, Calvin has some of the most recent big boys taking a hard look at this Texas standout. Miami (Florida), Oklahoma and UCLA are just a drop in the bucket of those teams looking his direction.

As for his visits, Calvin has three scheduled right now, Kansas this weekend, LSU- January 24th and Oklahoma State on January 17th. What about his leader though as you can see, they aren't amongst the group. "We are working on scheduling one there, but we don't have a date yet." Calvin said.

Any player gets five officials to take, but Roberts isn't sure if he will take them or just take a couple and make his decision. "I don't know if I am going to them all." Calvin said. "I might take five, or two or whatever and make my decision. Right now, I don't know."

The uncertainty Roberts has was of his own making, simply because he is just that good. When defending national champs offer you and the champions before them, plus perennial powers like the Huskers, well, it's not bad being uncertain because so many are certain about you. Now, it's a matter of time and for a guy that wants to be an option QB in college, for Nebraska, it could be only a matter of time as well.

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