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With one more scheduled visit to go, the fans of those schools still vying for the services of this outstanding lineman hold their breath. He's that good and for each of the schools to think they are the only ones with a shot, the odds are good. But, what if there is another school added in at the last minute? Ok, you expect others to try like crazy, but how much effect can they have this late in the game. You might be surprised.

Ian-Yates Cunningham - OL - 6-4, 296, 5.0/40 - Lewisville, TX. (Hebron) - At this point of the recruiting season, most recruits have a decent idea of their visits to take if not the schools they are intending to attend. At this stage, most schools just getting into the battle now are probably on the outside looking in. Well, not all of them. What if they were a favorite when you were young or what if they are the big school in-state? Texas A&M might not qualify as either one of those for Cunningham, but their new coach could make that insignificant.

From a prior friendship formed a few years ago at a TCU camp, Ian has connections to the Franchione staff. Because of that, he's looking at them with a little more interest. "It's great." Cunningham stated of the change of addresses of Coach Franchione and company. "The year before coach Fran. Left TCU, I went to a camp there and I really hit it off with their offensive line coach, Helduser."

"They have been keeping in pretty consistent contact with me ever since."

Ok, so the interest is there, that much is obvious, but Cunningham stated that his clock is ticking and Aggies or no Aggies, he's not waiting around. "It's really just a matter if they have interest in me, but if they don't, I understand." Cunningham stated. "They are going to have to do it (offer) pretty quick here, because if I don't hear from them, I just might make my decision soon."

Now, first, don't go assuming things like I did. Based on those statements, I just figured that if the Aggies did jump into the game, they would be some kind of lock for the top spot right now. Ian said "No". "It would change the whole thing, but they wouldn't be my leader. If they were interested, I would scheduled an official to visit there."

If that were the case, that would make four officials, Ian already having taken two (Nebraska and Georgia Tech) with one coming up to Virginia. But, as Ian said, that's not happened and he isn't waiting around to see if they are interested in him.

What Ian is interested in is depth. You might find it amazing that a kid who's about as solid as they come, rated as a top ten OL in the entire country and has the character on and off the field to woo coaches into fanciful dreams of All-Conference, All-American and Outland aspirations for this young man, is actually worried about depth. Ok, he's not worried so much, but it's something he is looking at right now.

The Texas Longhorns aren't in it for that reason alone as they have gotten huge classes of linemen the last few years and Ian's been paying attention.

In fact, when I asked him the obligatory question that most don't answer of "if you had to state a leader, who would it be", Cunningham actually came out with a reply. "If I had to say right now, Georgia Tech."

And why? Depth of course. "Just because early playing time, I can see there more-so than I could at Nebraska."

Right now, based on the premise that Texas A&M doesn't get involved in the race for this offensive lineman, there's one school left to visit and Ian said that out of those three, he will probably make his choice.

Stay tuned for more updates on Ian of course and check out our Inside NU&Recruiting board where will have some sound bytes from this interview with Ian up, this weekend.

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