Another one bites the Dust

Frank Solich to be fired!!!! Actually, that's not quite right, but considering the luck of this young man, you might think it's bound to happen. Schools he is looking at are losing coaches like I lose gray hairs, so now, what's this All-Stater from Michigan going to do?

Marcus Woods(Farmington Hills, MI (Harrison HS))-(RB-5'8-180-4.4/40) Talk about bad luck. I mean REALLY bad luck. When it rains it pours, and Marcus is stuck without an umbrella. See, back in October Marcus had his 3 top schools: Michigan St, Nebraska, and Bowling Green. First Michigan St. loses their HC, then Nebraska has a massive shake up along with a chance at offensive coordinator, and now Urban Meyers(head coach) of Bowling Green is now headed off to Utah. Some kids just have bad luck it seems.

In spite of all the misfortune Marcus was in an upbeat mood, laughing at the entire situation. "I just cant catch a break, if anyone wants a coach fired or whatever just have them put on my favorites list, that'll do the trick." He does admit it can be at times bothersome when he is trying to decide on his future, however "It gets a little fustrating sometimes, this is suppose to be a fun time, once in a life time thing. But, I'm sure it'll all work out in the end."

Marcus does have a lot to be happy about. When I called he had just picked up his tux for a banquet for an all-state football ceremony "I was named all-state as a running back, my mom's more excited about it than I am. I'm happy but I have bigger things on my mind, I guess." Had it not been for the recent events regarding his top 3, I'm sure he would have enjoyed this moment much more.

Marcus still hears from his top 3, even with the coaching changes they are still his favorites, along with Wisconsin and Colorado St.

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