Refuting the rumors

You got a rumor? Oh, come on. I know you do. It's ok, you can tell me. I won't tell a soul. Ok, I might, but I guarantee you that if I tell them, it will be completely different, so it's not like it will be true, it will still be just a rumor. Sound ridiculous? This stuff happens all the time in the world of recruiting. Mike is just the latest example.

Mike Jenkins (Bradenton, FL (Southeast) CB-6'0-188-4.42/40) Rumors float around during this time of the season. Player A is committing here. School B has the inside track on this recruit. Well, I'm here to nip one in the bud. Rumor has been Jenkins favors Nebraska because he and Fabian Washington (Freshman CB, NU) are good buddies. "Fabian and I talked at least once a week. We're good friends. But, Nebraska is not my leader." So what do they talk about? "Just guy stuff mostly. We talk about his life and my life. He does tell me how happy he is there, but he's never tried to push the school on me or anything. That's where he lives now, of course we're going to talk about Nebraska."

So as it stands right now, Mike has no leader. He told me this more than once. Everyone is on an even playing field and no one will take the lead until the officials start. Mike plans on taking all five before a decision will be made. At the current time he has several slated. Auburn will get a visit on Jan 10th, and Nebraska will get one the following week (17th). He had an official set up to Iowa, but that is now being rescheduled do to a conflict in his schedules. Univ. of Southern Florida will get a visit as well, but it will be an unofficial since it is so close to home.

The big news of course is the shake up with Nebraska recently losing most of their defensive coaches and Mike is pretty impartial to the entire ordeal "Coach Jamrog told me what was going on. It's not going to bother me, Nebraska is a winner and they'll get someone who is good, I have no doubt."

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