Two down, three to go..........but where?

Two visits in the books, this Florida standout is trying to make a run at finishing them off, getting his decision out of the way. It's not like people don't love this whole getting called all the time, jet lag and being woke up at all times of the night, I mean, who wouldn't love that. Yep, he's got his eyes set on some schools, but they might not be the schools you are thinking.

Donnell Livingston (Sarasota, FL)- (DT-6'3-304-4.96/40-340/bench-465/squat) With many football seasons over and visits now in full swing many recruits are taking trips and now narrowing of the favorites list begin to take place. Donnell is no exception, having just returned from his second trip to North Carolina, we had a chance to compare it to his first visit to Nebraska.

First of all, the initial impression "It was a great place, I have to admit I liked it a lot. The atmosphere may not be big time, but the people there love football." While truly impressed the ambiance, what really caught his attention were the campus and people "They were very nice, they were even nicer than those in Nebraska and I know that's saying a lot. The campus is prettier as well. Lincoln is nice, but that campus isn't what I would call pretty for the most part."

Does that make North Carolina first on his list after this recent visit? I had to ask hypothetically, if signing day was tomorrow where would he sign. He took 15 seconds or so then said "Nebraska. North Carolina is nice, but the program and tradition of Nebraska would be enough to get me to sign there if tomorrow was the day I had to decide." Early visits have a tendency to weaken the more visits a recruit takes, perhaps by his final visit Nebraska or North Carolina will just be a memory.

About the recent shake up at Nebraska, I asked if anyone from the Nebraska staff has been in contact with him regarding the def. Coordinator position and who it may be. "No, they haven't said anything about hiring anyone. What I was told is that when they get a DC they will have him call me and set up and inhouse visit with me."

But, what truly fits into Livingston plan is that fact that he has been told he can get playing time early at both schools "That what I'm really looking for. If two schools are even and I can play early at one, that's going to tell me where I need to go." So far, so good. Everyone has met those qualifications.

This week Donnell travels to Maryland for his 3rd official. I asked him what he was looking forward to about this trip "Maryland has a good and upcoming program. I wouldn't have set up an official there if they didn't. That and I never have been to Maryland, so I want to see what that state is like as well."

Also, Jamie Newberg has reported Donell will no longer be visiting Florida State, but will be visiting North Carolina State instead.

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