A little sluggish, but still solid in win

I watched this Arkansas team this previous Thursday night against Creighton. As a writer, I'd say I was going there to ‘scout' this Pine Bluff team in preparation for this game against Nebraska. But really, a friend and I heard there was a game and we had nothing better to do on that night, so we got in the car and left.

Apparently, what we saw was a very jumbled contest between Creighton and Pine Bluff, with Creighton winning by 32, but not pulling away until the second half. It was a game where Creighton won the game but lost the rebound battle by ten. And a game with forty-something fouls overall.

It made me wonder what today's game would be like.

The starters for Nebraska on Saturday saw four guards in Steve Harley, Sek Henry, Ade Dagunduro and Ryan Anderson, with the lone forward in Chris Balham.

Chris Balham started the game huge for the Huskers with an alley-oop delivered by Sek Henry. There was lots of defense early with a score of 7 to 6 with 14 minutes left in the first half. Pine Bluff took the lead with about 13 minutes left with the Huskers not being able to capitalize on early free throw attempts and a few fouls. Lebaron Weathers accounted for 7 of Pine Bluff's first 13 points.

The Huskers kept trying to get themselves and the crowd back into this game. There were many three point attempts to try and get the score a little closer, being down by as many at 6 points in the first twelve minutes. They just looked a little sloppy and giving up easy breakaway points for Pine Bluff, many of them on slam dunks.

Sek Henry was able to tie it up with 6:19 remaining in the first half. The Huskers played great defense during the next possession. Pine Bluff couldn't put it away when they needed to and this is when the crowd really woke up.

Sek Henry led the huskers to a five point lead with three pointer with 1:47 left in the first half. The Huskers are looking much more comfortable than they did ten minutes ago. Pine Bluff is also missing shots and looking jittery on offense.

At the half we have a score of Nebraska 32 and Arkansas-Pine Bluff 24. Pine Bluff had a staggering 15 turnovers in the first half, not dissimilar to their game against Creighton two nights ago. Pine Bluff had 30 turnovers in their game against Creighton, and they're right on pace for that today. Oh, irony.

Nebraska's leaders for the first half were Sek Henry with 12 points and Steve Harley with 11. At the half, Pine Bluff had ten points off of fouls, while the Huskers had eight.

At the beginning of the second half, Pine Bluff committed some penalties that just shouldn't be committed. Stepping in bounds as a ball is inbounded is one of those fouls that at the college level should not be happening.

At 15:35 remaining in the second half, the Huskers had extended their lead to eleven with a score of 41-30. It's refreshing to see a defense that is causing so many turnovers, now with a total of 18 by Pine Bluff.

At 12:23 remaining, Cookie Miller fed the ball behind his back to Ade Dagunduro for what was an amazing slam dunk that seemingly ensured victory. The crowd erupted and and seems to feel better about this game and how it's shaping up in the second half.

The Husker offense is looking deliberate and precise by taking their time and not letting many scoring opportunities get away from them.

At the 7:29 mark, the Huskers led 53-28 over Arkansas-Pine Bluff. Turnovers are a major story in this game with 21 given away by Pine Bluff and significantly fewer, eleven, by the Huskers.

The final score ended up 67 to 53, Cornhuskers earning the victory.

After the game, Head Coach Doc Sadler said that Pine Bluff played harder than the Cornhuskers in the first half. He attributed the slow start to some players possibly returning and sleeping after their morning workout.

Some stand out facts for this Nebraska team-

Today was the second time in three games that Nebraska forced more than 20 turnovers. Also, the Cornhuskers have allowed opponents only 8 out of 47 three point shots.

The Cornhuskers play again Tuesday, November 25th, against the Saint Louis Billikens at the Devaney Center.

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