Hanging on to hope

Ty Kildow isn't the type of person to sit around and think about what might have been, however that scenario is compelling. Kildow might have made the most noise of all the campers in Lincoln this past summer. He showed tremendous speed and athleticism and it seemed that all that needed to happen was to have a good season and then it happened.

Millard (Nebr.) South finished as the state runner-up this past year. Ty Kildow was supposed to be a prominent member of that team this year and part of that run, but never returned from a knee injury.

"I was never cleared to play," Kildow said. "They said it wouldn't have been very smart to do; I was only three and a half months out from injury. They said it was a big risk.

"Initially, there was some talk about getting back for the playoffs. I am about four months in. I feel like I am doing everything that I can do. I have two months to go until I am medically 100%."

Not being medically cleared to play your senior year sometimes leaves a player high and dry when it comes to scholarships and opportunities. Kildow picked up an offer before the injury and is still staying in contact with some schools.

"North Dakota offered me before the injury and they are standing by their offer. That is my only offer right now. I still talk to South Dakota State, North Dakota State and Nebraska."

What might help Kildow is getting out and working out this spring. It might give some schools another opportunity to see where he is at in his recovery and is he back to his former self.

"I will probably play baseball this spring, I had been playing baseball, and it's probably good enough to just have the coaches come out and see me playing baseball."

Kildow has stayed busy this fall taking trips to see some schools. Kildow isn't trying to come to a decision anytime soon and just wants to see what happens.

"I had been to Nebraska a few times. I have also been up to North Dakota and South Dakota State. Right now I am just talking it all in.

"I am not really looking to make a decision. When I went up to North Dakota, I liked all of their coaches up there and their facilities all seemed fairly new.

"As far as distance goes, and North Dakota, that might be a little bit of a problem. If that is the decision that I make then I am sure things will work out.

"South Dakota State is also pretty nice up there. Obviously, the dream has always been to be able to go and play football at Nebraska."

The chance to walk-on at Nebraska is possibly an option. Kildow believes that there is a chance to earn a spot and a scholarship in Lincoln if he chose to walk-on.

"It's definitely an option. I am still straying in contact with them about everything and think that if they might offer it would be in January depending on who else commits.

"I have also thought about walking on at Lincoln. I have thought about walking on at Nebraska in comparison to a scholarship somewhere else, but that is a decision I haven't made yet."

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