Stanley still solid to Penn State?

It was a trip which perhaps caught people a little off guard, as it's probably not often you hear about a Penn State commit heading to Nebraska for a visit. But that's just what defensive end Sean Stanley did, and he talked about how the trip went and where his recruiting stands right now.

The first question you have to ask is "why?".

After all, defensive end Sean Stanley lives on the east coast, is committed to a traditional powerhouse of that region and he's been that since as far back as May.

For Stanley, the reason is simple: "I promised Coach (John) Papuchis I would," Stanley said of the Husker defensive ends coach, who, like Stanley, called Maryland home at some point. "I really didn't know much about Nebraska, but I said I would come down and take a look."

Stanley being a very even keeled type of young man, probably doesn't think about the craziness toward the end of the game that saw an impossible kick followed by a fairly improbable interception, Nebraska coming from behind to win the game.

"It was pretty close there for awhile, but that kick and the defensive lineman getting that interception was the difference," Stanley said. " But yeah, that was pretty close."

While Stanley did promise Coach Papuchis that he would visit, the other reason for his visit was their first-year Head Coach. Stanley, a long-time fan of Pelini's defense at LSU, saw Pelini go to Nebraska and wanted to see just what he did with his players. He liked what he saw.

"They're aggressive. Guys are coming off the ball fast, they are allowed to do a lot of things, and they just play the way I want to play when I am in college," he said. "I liked pretty much everything about the trip, but that was something I wanted to see."

Distance wasn't a downside for Stanley, but the size of the community could be. A D.C. Kid going to Lincoln, Nebraska, it's pretty obvious that when there isn't football going on, comparing the two places isn't really possible. But even with that factor in mind, Stanley said that he wasn't expecting what he saw, was surprised by a few things and while he doesn't consider himself technically any different now in regard to his status as a commit, he's thinking a lot more about the future.

"I was surprised at their academics, because they have like more Academic All-Americans than anyone, and I guess I was a little surprised that it seemed a lot like Penn State to me," he said. "I mean, they both have good schools, facilities and all that, so I have to think about this more than I thought I would.

"But I'd still say I am a commit to Penn State."

With the official visit to Penn State scheduled for this weekend, Stanley knows he won't have long to wait to get a feeling for each school, being able to visit them back-to-back. After that, Stanley thinks he might know, but for right now he's thinking that he may have to evaluate it a little further. "I might have to take trips to both one more time, but I guess we'll see after this weekend," he said. "I liked Nebraska. I guess I didn't know if I would or not, but I do.

"I really look at them (Penn State and Nebraska) both the same right now."

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