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If there has been about a constant for Nebraska home games then it might be Nick Ash. Ash, a commitment for the 2009 class, has just about been to all of Nebraska's home games, it seems, but he might have seen the best game just yesterday. Ash talks about the game, hanging out with some of his future team mates and Nebraska's co-North championship.

Nick Ash has seen his fair share of games this season in Lincoln. The game against Colorado might have been the best and the loudest for him.

"It was crazy," Ash said. "I have been to a lot of games and that was the best I had been to. The crowd was in it the whole game down to the last minute.

"When they lined up for the 57-yarder and he made it the crowd just went crazy. It was phenomenal. It was super loud in the stadium."

With a Missouri loss to Kansas, Nebraska was co-North champs and lost out on a chance to play in the Conference Championship Game due to a tie-breaker.

Before all of that, Ash had a good sense for the direction of the team and the program. He got to talk it over a bit this morning with the coaches.

"I talked to the coaches today in a little meeting and he's excited about where they are going. He has big plans for them.

"They will get some more guys up there that he will recruit and they will win some more games."

Ash was visiting along with another offensive lineman commit, Brent Qvale. Ash said getting to know Qvale was great and they were well-fed all weekend.

"I hung out with Brent Qvale most of the time, because he's offensive line, and we were fed every two hours. We were so stuffed. Getting to know him was very nice"

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