Blown away

Coming into his visit to Nebraska, 4-star RB Jarvis Giles didn't know what to expect. But now after seeing the program up-close he has a newfound appreciation for Husker football. The visit also apparently shook up his leader board. In this update Big Red Report brings you the latest.

Jarvis Giles had heard a lot about the Huskers, but finally got his first good look this weekend. What did the elusive back think of his first trip to Lincoln?

"I had a great time, the place is really nice, and I've never seen anything like it. I got in on Thursday about 5pm, and went out to eat with the team, and then we watched a movie together and just chilled. They were just trying to get their mind right before the game.

"I got to walk out before the players during the Tunnel Walk. That stuff is just crazy. I think everybody up there knew my name. It was crazy, even little kids knew who I was."

And the game?

"That thing was loud! Oh my god their fans are so loud, I mean so loud you couldn't hear the person next to you talking. I watched the whole team, but I kept my eye on the running backs. I like how they threw to the backs a lot too. Out of all the games I've been at, Nebraska was the best. That atmosphere is wild and crazy."

Something else also caught his eye.

"When I was watching the game I noticed they need a guy who can take it to the house. I can make that one cut and be gone."

Jarvis also had time to get a look at the Nebraska facilities, and came away equally impressed.

"They blew me away, everything was real nice and top of the line. They always produce top of the line athletes, and now I can see why. Their academics are great too, you come through there you get your degree."

And after spending some quality time with the Husker staff, it seems some future plans were made.

"I liked sitting down and talking to coach Beck, he is real cool. He cleared a lot of things up, he is straight with you. He is coming in for a home visit with my parents next week, so he can meet the family and everything.

"I had a long conversation with Bo Pelini too. He was just telling me how they could use a player like me and how I could fit in with the team. He is coming to visit me next week at home too."

It seems with most of Husker Nation on edge as Alex Henery lined up for a school record 57 yard game winning field goal, Jarvis was cool as could be.

"I told all the recruits that I'll bet them any amount of money he is going to make it. Most people were saying that's 57, no way he makes that. I could see on the sideline and he had a swagger when he ran out on that field, I knew he was going to make it.

"When he made that thing the stadium got crazy, I started falling over, I couldn't keep my balance," said Giles with a laugh.

Coming into his official Giles was quoted as saying South Carolina was his leader, have things changed after the visit?

"I knew coming into the Nebraska visit it would be good and it was. Things are tied now with them and South Carolina. Tennessee is alright but I'm not really looking at them anymore. Things are coming down to Nebraska and South Carolina, right now it's a tie between those two."

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