Playing catch-up

It seemed like just a matter of time until some sort of resolution came out of the academic uncertainty surrounding Emerson Evans and with Nebraska. Nebraska seems hard pressed this year, and even harder pressed next year, to extend on players that may or may not make it academically. What did Evans hear from Nebraska?

Making up for lost time is hard to do, especially when you have limited time to do it like Emerson Evans. Evans, a Nebraska commitment, had a talk with the Nebraska staff today about his academic situation.

"Yes sir, I spoke to Nebraska today," Evans said. "My grades, I have missed a couple of things, and I am doing on-line courses.

"My mom has called the NCAA to see if the on-line classes would work, and they will, and I am trying to get the past out of my way."

As of right now, it seems that the academic risk combined with the need for no academic stragglers has Evans on the outside looking in on Nebraska right now.

"Yes sir, you hit the nail on the head. I do believe that the door will be left open for me and Nebraska. I need to make sure that what I am doing is going to get qualified with the NCAA.

"I didn't have anyone pushing me for my grades. Luckily I checked on my grades at the beginning of the year. I need English I, II and III and I have already gotten I and II done. I just need to keep working."

With the working, spirited attitude it's unlikely that this is the last recruiting story that will be written about Evans. His motor on the field is needed now in the classroom and he seems 100% set to make his dream of playing college football a reality.

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