Today was the day

It seemed like it was only a matter of time until junior college wide receiver Brandon Kinnie pulled the trigger for the Big Red. Now after giving it a lot of thought and discussing things with his mother, Brandon decided he was ready to choose a college. Find out how and why he came to this decision in this latest update.

Most Husker fans thought it was just a matter of time until Brandon Kinnie showed up on the Nebraska commit list. And if you ask him, Brandon had those same feelings from the start.

"I kind of always knew I was going to be a Husker after I got that offer, but today was the day," said Kinnie. "I just didn't want to jump into anything too fast. But when coach Gilmore called me today, it hit me, it was time to be a Husker. I guess you could call it perfect timing. He asked me was I going to take anymore visits and I said no. Nebraska set the bar real high and I don't see anybody else reaching it. Nebraska is a perfect fit for me.

"As you know, I had been thinking about it. Me and my mom had a real long talk about it. She really wanted to see the place first. Like I told you the other day, that's all I was waiting on. But she said if you know that's where you want to go, you need to do it. It was funny because coach Gilmore didn't know I was about to commit. He was asking me what else they needed to do to get me. I said nothing coach, Nebraska is the place I want to be. He wasn't expecting it, and he went crazy over the phone. It felt good to tell him I'm coming to Nebraska."

Brandon also said he expects one other call pretty soon.

"He said coach Pelini was out recruiting and visiting somewhere. He said he was going to have him call me as soon as he can. I can't wait to talk to him, I really like coach Pelini. They have always been genuine with me and always kept it real with me. Even from the first time I spoke to them."

And when he gets to Lincoln he has one thing on his mind.

"I graduate from here in May then I'll be up to Lincoln. I'm weighing about 212 right now, but I plan to hit the weight room hard so I can be ready to play next year. I know they lose Todd (Peterson) and Nate (Swift), so someone is going to have to step up, why not me."

Finally, Kinnie said he wanted to send out a message to Husker Nation.

"Tell them all I'm ready to get there and help the team win games, I want to show all of them what I can do. I'm 100% Husker now."

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