Huskers in-home with Burkhead

This is a busy week for the Nebraska coaches. No game to play this week means that the coaches are on the road and in the living rooms of their commitments and their last remaining targets. Getting another running back is critical for Nebraska and the 2009 class, which is why they are in-home tonight with Rex Burkhead.

Rex Burkhead has had his football season come to a close and it's just in time for his basketball season to begin. The 5-foot-11 and 205-running back from Plano (Texas) will have Nebraska, in-home, after basketball.

"Yes, they are coming tonight," Rick Burkhead said. "I think that they are at Rex's basketball practice right now.

"I think that John Papuchis and Bo Pelini were coming tonight for sure. I think that Tim Beck is going to try and make it, but might be little late."

Mr. Burkhead has seen a lot of college coaches through the recruiting process and especially this week. Tonight is the only night multiple schools aren't slated to be stopping by the house.

"It's been hectic. We have had two teams in-home each night except for tonight. It's busy, but there is an advantage to it.

"You have the other school before still on your mind and you can compare them more quickly. You don't have to recall a lot when the visits are that close together."

There was a chance that Burkhead was going to be up in Lincoln last Friday for the Colorado game. That was, until, it was realized the game wasn't on Saturday by the Burkhead's.

"We were trying to get up there this past weekend for the game, but realized the game was on Friday. I had to work hat day, but we were prepared to make it there for a Saturday game."

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