Decision Day set for Giles

In a recent article 4 star running back Jarvis Giles stated he was down to Nebraska, Tennessee and South Carolina. Now after setting a commitment day of December 9th, the sought after RB went on the record with Big Red Report in this latest update.

It's been a long recruiting process for Tampa (Flor.) Gaither high school running back Jarvis Giles. But with a date now set for a commitment, the touted back says it won't be long until he decides. But with that said, why next Tuesday?

"It's just a convenient day for me. I have all these in-home visits this week and I just think I'll be ready early next week to decide. I figured why not Tuesday. ESPN wants me to do an interview at my school after I announce, I think I might do it. It would be good for my high school. All the local newspapers will be here, it's a big day for me and my family."

Jarvis went on to talk about those aforementioned in-home visits that are taking place this week.

"South Carolina is coming in tomorrow (Thursday), Tennessee is coming in Friday and Pelini is coming in Sunday. Clemson wanted to try to get in the mix and visit next Monday, but it's too late for that."

For Nebraska, it will be their second visit in a week.

"I also had one earlier this week from Nebraska. Coach Beck came down Monday and came by the crib and talked to my pops, he was here about an hour and a half. I just chilled and sat there while he and my pops talked. Coach Beck brought in a lot of knowledge, and my dad started liking Nebraska a lot. He likes the school, and told me he thinks I need to really consider them."

With a top three in place and a decision date set, Giles was asked what the draw was to each program.

South Carolina: "I like coach Spurrier, he is a real good coach. I like the running back coach Gillespie too, we have always been on the same page. Then fan base in South Carolina is tight, it reminds me of something like Nebraska. They like their football at South Carolina too. Spurrier told me I could come in there and do my thing, they want to run the ball more now. They said I could be the guy if I want to."

Nebraska: "All you can say about that place is wow. The fans out there are just crazy for their football, and coach Pelini has them on the right track. The football players get treated like rock stars out there. Academically they have everything you need. Their facilities are great, top of the line everything and they put a lot of backs in the league. There isn't anything you can say bad about Nebraska. Their offensive line is already huge, and those boys they have committed are huge too. And I like coach Beck, he has always been straight with me."

Tennessee: "I'm close to the running back coach, coach Drayton over there, and coach Kiffin decided to keep him on the staff so that's good for them. They have had a good tradition of running backs too. They brought in a good coach with Lane Kiffin, and it looks like his dad is coming. They have good fans too, with a lot of tradition. With some new coaches and all that other stuff they should be pretty good . I know coach Kiffin coached some big-time backs too."

Jarvis said his parents are putting the matter in his hands at this point, and trust that he will make the right decision.

"They are leaving it up to me, my dad is cool about it and gives me some good advice. But it doesn't matter to him really, he just wants me to be happy."

Some fan base will be happy come Tuesday. Stay tuned to Big Red Report as we bring you the information on his commitment as it comes in.

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