Nebraska stops by

Nebraska is getting a great opportunity to get out on the road this week and get in-home with some of their top, remaining prospects. Lots of these players have been seeing Nebraska since Sunday and Monday, but this player got a chance to host his recruiting coach tonight and talk to a member of his family that did not make the trip to Nebraska a week ago.

The Nebraska coaches have been busy the last week or so. Right off of an eight official visitor weekend into the recruiting trail. Tonight, they were with Chris Omigie.

"Yes sir," Omigie said. "Coach Tim Beck was here tonight. He's my recruiting coach and was here to talk to my mom about what Nebraska had to offer."

Last week, Omigie was in town with his father. He saw that what he can do as a player fits what Nebraska is doing and wants him to do as a receiver.

"I don't know what my honors were this year yet, but I had 55 catches for 937 yards and nine touchdowns. I think that I can do it all as a receiver.

"At the start of the season, I was outside going up for the ball. As the season went along, I moved inside and did more screens and quick hitches."

"I don't have a problem with doing either of those things; I can play inside or outside. Nebraska likes that and said I could play both there."

Omigie is just getting underway with his recruiting. With one trip down to Nebraska, he's out of town the next three weekends and then will come to a decision.

"I have three more trips set. I go to Baylor this week, Purdue next week and Kansas the week after that. I will make a decision after that."

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