Post Practice Tidbits

Check out the skinny on today's practice and listen to some post practice audio as Nebraska gets back to it as they prepare for the bowl game.

The team returned to practice today, and due to the fact that the conference hasn't officially been named, coaches and players wouldn't comment too much on Clemson or what they have seen thus far. Honestly, it would seem that the focus in these early practices has been focused more around the younger players and just cleaning up a few things here and there.

There was some conversation about recruiting, the days on the road, connections in recruiting and just keeping the momentum they have gained from overall and recent success.

Bo said in regard to senior running back Kenny Wilson that he might be back next year, and said the same about Andy Christensen. The situation will be evaluated with Christensen, according to Pelini as Christensen seems to be as involved with whether or not he comes back as Bo is.

The team voted on Captains today, and Pelini said that they will announce the permanent captains come the Player's Banquet.

Next week the team will go at least four times for practice and at least four the following week.

Check out the full post practice audio with the Head Coach.

Also check out the practice audio with senior quarterback Joe Ganz as he talks about the bowl, the year, his golf game and much, much more.

Another note: I asked linebacker coach Mike Ekeler about Bill Snyder taking up the reins at Kansas State again and asked him about the possibility of him being a candidate for a coaching position there. He said that's for other coaches to worry about, because he "said" that he was happy at Nebraska. Kind of coach speak, and I will have the full audio with him up a bit later.

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