West coast DB pulls the trigger

When Big Red Report last spoke to Long Beach (Calif.) Poly cornerback Lazarri Middleton, he said his new offer from the Huskers would be tough to turn down. After careful consideration with his parents the defensive back has decided to end his recruitment. Find out the latest in this recent update.

Lazarri Middleton thought he would be a Husker shortly after getting the offer. But he told us how and why it happened today.

"I just felt like today was right, it felt right to commit to Nebraska. I just got off the phone with Coach Sanders, like two minutes ago. I told him I'm headed to Nebraska. I just got out of school and made the call."

He also said he felt good about his decision and so did his position coach from the Huskers.

"When he answered the phone, I said coach I want to commit to Nebraska. He sounded just as excited as I was. We both started hollering and screaming on the phone together, it was hard to understand each other. I like coach Sanders and look forward to playing for him.

"He said coach Pelini will call me tonight and to be ready for all the media."

Why Nebraska?

"I have always wanted to play in the Big 12 even since I was little. Everybody else around here grew up wanting to play in the Pac 10, but I always dreamed about playing in the Big 12 It's a great conference with a lot of great players. Nebraska is known for having a wonderful program and for winning. There are a lot of big rivalries in that conference that would be fun to play with.

"Coach Sanders has also told me a lot about the people of Nebraska and how they treat you. It's a close nit community and they care about their football. Coach said they really like my grades too; I'm not a grade risk. He said that's one less thing the have to worry about."

There is one thing Husker fans always worry about with a player committing sight unseen, how solid is the commitment?

"I can't think of another school better for me than Nebraska. I've already researched all the schools, even the ones that haven't offered. I didn't see any that had a better situation than Nebraska. I really don't want to be in California anymore, I'm ready to play in the Big 12."

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