Decision coming soon for McBurse

For most recruits around the country who have yet to commit to a school, it's getting close to that time. For Al-Terek McBurse, his time is just days away. All the angst, the worry, the visits and relationships, now come down to two teams, and he'll be deciding amongst those two this Wednesday.

The official visits are done. The relationships have been formed, and it's only a couple of months before Signing Day.

For Florida standout prep-running back Al-Terek McBurse, though, he's got a little bit quicker calendar than most.

With the intention to enroll early and participate with his team of choice in the future, McBurse has had to cram as much information in as he could, so he could make as quick a decision as possible.

He's done that, and a list which was in the double-digits, is now down to two.

"It's down to Purdue and Nebraska. I'm honestly up in the air right now about it, but I know it's between those two places." he said.

McBurse feels that he's gotten to know more than enough about each of the final duo, and for what each program is about. "Nebraska has such a great tradition that you really don't need to ask about the support they have, because it's pretty obvious, and the entire state supports the team," he said. "And Purdue is another great place in a great conference, and with either one you really can't go wrong."

That's the good side, but now comes the bad.

Since as far back as his sophomore year McBurse has been getting letters from some of these coaches, and little by little, he's had to start telling them that he's not going to go their school. "That is so tough. That's easily the toughest part about all this, because some of these coaches I have known now for a couple of years," Al-Terek said. "You know them, and it's just hard letting them know that you are going to go someplace else."

For McBurse that's a lot of coaches as he has been a hotly recruited athlete since the start of his junior campaign. This year certainly didn't do anything to quell that deluge of attention as McBurse broke a Seminole County record for most rushing yards in the season, the Winter Springs High School all-star ran for a whopping 2,232 yards this season. In Al-Terek's last game of the season he ran for 228 yards, scoring twice on just 22 carries.

The rub with McBurse has always been, though, that the later you came in, the less likely you were going to have a shot at him, because he's already planning on new year's trip to a destination yet to be determined. "I'm enrolling in January, so this wasn't something I could just sit and think about and take my time. I was thinking really hard about this decision a long time ago," he said.

With Purdue and Nebraska making the final cut, there's no doubt that each of those schools would visit Al-Terek in-home at least once. They have, the standout prep saying that staff from both teams, including Husker Head Coach Bo Pelini, were in to see him over this last week. And he's expecting both schools to show up one more time. "I think Nebraska might be coming in on Sunday or Monday, and I think Purdue will be coming in one of those days, too," he said. "It's pretty obvious both want me pretty badly, which I can't be more thankful for, because I know they have a lot to do and coming down here to see me is a real honor,"

Location is obviously not an issue for McBurse as it would seem weather also doesn't seem to bother him all that much. For the first Al-Terek said that he is actually being encouraged to get away from home and as for the last, he said that if you think you have a future in this sport, you better learn how to just deal with it.

"My mom has always encouraged me to broaden my horizons, see new things and either one of these places will allow me to do that. It's a chance to see life in another part of the country and experience new things," he said. "As for the weather, my goal, my dream, has always been to play in the NFL, and if that were to one day happen, if you don't like the cold you probably aren't going to last,"

Decision-time comes Wednesday for him, one which he says he's battling with even now. There isn't a certain way he thinks he'll announce, whether it will be an informal press conference or whatever. But he's excited about it, because it's a chance to put one chapter behind him and start another. "Wherever I go this will be another chance to grow as a player and as a person. Both places give me a real opportunity to do that," he said. "It will be tough choosing just one, because I know both are very deserving. I am just glad that I know wherever I go, I will have a good future ahead."

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