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The Houston visit might have been the first trip that Dejon Gomes ever scheduled. Meaning, before he took a trip to Nebraska and also before he committed to Nebraska. The unwritten law of recruiting and committing though is that if you are committed and visit another school then you aren't really committed. What is Gomes saying about Houston and Nebraska now?

Nebraska commitment Dejon Gomes was out of town this weekend. The 6-foot-1 and 190-pound cornerback from San Francisco (Calif.) City College was in Houston for an official visit.

"Yes I visited Houston," Gomes said. "I was here for an official this weekend and I am at the airport right now ready to go back to San Francisco."

Gomes actually told the Houston coaches yes before Nebraska. He has had this visit set for a while apparently and decided to follow through with the trip.

"I took the trip because I already had it scheduled for a while. In fact, I had it scheduled before the Nebraska trip so I just went ahead with it."

There was a need to go and see the school and the city of Houston to get some ideas what they were about and maybe get some verification that his commitment to Nebraska was the right decision.

"It was a different experience. I expected it to not be like I am from. It wasn't different in a bad way. It was just in an eye-opening way in how unlike Houston is to San Francisco, California in general and Nebraska too."

Gomes did the right thing about the trip. He spoke to his coach who spoke to the coaches at Nebraska about Gomes' wanting to take this trip. It appears to be that the trip was approved.

"My coach, Coach Rush, talked to Nebraska about me taking this trip. My coach told me that they (Nebraska) were fine with me taking this official visit."

Going into the trip, Gomes wanted to see Houston. However, after the trip is his heart now in Texas or will he be staying on-board with his commitment to Nebraska?

"I have always been committed to Nebraska when I took this trip and as I go back. I think that this trip helped me realize how much I am committed there to Nebraska.

"I would say that I did want to see Houston and take the official visit, but as I took this visit I would say that the experience has helped strengthen my commitment to Nebraska."

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