Official Visit Update - Courtney Denson

Out of the state of Florida, Denson made the long trek west to visit the Cornhusker state for one of his official visits. He's currently a soft verbal to the Hokies, but after his visit, has his mind wavered at all?

Courtney Denson Miami, FL (Central) –(QB-6'0-180-4.42/40) After speaking with Courtney a couple of weeks ago, I came away with the impression this Virginia Tech commit may not be "solid". Rumors had been floating around that he was still shopping, but he would not come out and say so over the phone. Not many "commits" do.

Well, now we have some answers. Denson took an official trip to Nebraska this past weekend to see what the Cornhusker program had to offer him. "The trip was fine. It was about what I expected. It didn't blow me away, but it didn't disappoint me either."

When asked about the coaching situation at Nebraska he commented "That doesn't effect me at all, that's all defensive stuff, they want me as a QB." I also had to ask if he was told anything about who may be coming in "No, they didn't say anything like that."

So where does this leave this potential Hokie?

"Right now, I'm still committed to Virginia Tech, that's not going to change until I take one more visit (Auburn in Jan), then I'm going to sit down and make sure I made the right decision in the first place." While not sounding like what we would call as a solid commit, Courtney did say that VT is his leader, if they weren't he wouldn't have committed initially to them.

Denson said no other schools interest him at this time other than those 3 he will/has visited, so while he may be committed it's anyone's ball game up to this point. And whoever lands him will get the Dade Country Offensive player of the year, which is no small feat.

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