Official visit update - LB, Corey McKeon

As Corey's popularity has risen, so to have the horizons broadened for him in regards to where he wants to go to school. Not long after one of those newer schools to offer did, that being Nebraska, it wasn't long after that Corey scheduled an official to take to Lincoln. Well, his official is done and we asked him how it went.

Corey Mckeon –Naperville, IL (Naperville North) LB-6'2"-210-4.5/40 Having just completed his third official visit of the season, Corey Mckeon is narrowing down his choices. "I just got back from Nebraska today, and everything impressed me. The facilities, the coaches, the players, the campus, everything was top notch. There were a lot of recruits there with me, but I still feel like I got the personal attention that made me feel comfortable there. I just wasn't another body."

Sounds impressive. With those kind of words you think that would have led to a commitment this past weekend, but Corey didn't pull the trigger. He's going to take his time and see if any other visits may be needed before he decides his college of choice. However, he does have two leaders "Right now Nebraska and Purdue are my top choices, I can't say one is ahead of the other. If tomorrow was signing day I don't know which one I'd decide on."

Having visited both Purdue and Nebraska neither school seems to have the edge right now, but Miami of Ohio, where Corey visited last week, can pretty much can be eliminated "I like Miami (OH), but I just don't think it's the right place for me." As is, Corey still has 2 visits remaining South Carolina will most likely get one this upcoming week (20th) and the last visit right now is being considered for Illinois. But, in all honesty, Cory did not sound too thrilled about either of those potential visits.

As for the recent departure of the majority of NU's defensive staff, it didn't bother Cory in the least "I knew about it before the media did, they've kept in touch with me the entire time. No, they didn't tell me who's coming in or who they're looking at, but that's fine with me. I trust Solich to get the right person for the job."

Cory looks to make a decision well before the February deadline, but didn't have a date in mind when he would like to have a decision made by.

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