Excited to be a Husker

The Nebraska recruiting class has been a huge high lately that crested last night with the word that Rex Burkhead had made up his mind to become a Husker. In a text message by his father, Rick, it was communicated that Rex wanted the night and would talk later. Rex called Big Red Report to talk about his commitment earlier this evening.

Last night, a long and quiet process for Rex Burkhead came to an end. Today, the standout from Plano (Texas) is on the hard court instead of the gridiron.

"I am just getting back from basketball practice," Burkhead said. "We have had exams this week. We had school today."

It was obvious talking to Burkhead that he was happy; happy with the decision, happy with the process being over with or both? It was both.

"It's a little of both excited and relieved. It's a difficult process and at the same time an important process. I am very excited to get a chance to play up there at Nebraska.

"Just knowing that you have committed to a place, a very good place, and to know it's over it's a big relief. I am excited to be a Husker."

Nebraska was a school that piqued the interest of Burkhead and his family very early in the process. The trip to Nebraska for the spring game really set a high standard for Burkhead to compare other schools to.

"To start off with Nebraska, my dad was interested and said that we should check it out. We went up there early on and I really fell in love with it.

"I am really pumped about the place. It really became one of my top schools to compare to others from then on. From there, it was just comparing others to Nebraska. I just felt good and comfortable and committed."

Burkhead has been very quiet about his recruiting process. For being a private, family decision they are all too often played out too much in the public.

Beyond the privacy, Burkhead wanted to let his team and his family know that he was focused on the task at hand. It was always team first.

"Yes, definitely that was my process. I didn't want my teammates to think that I was focused on recruiting and where I am going next year.

"I was focused on winning a state championship. I wanted to think about each game, each week and really winning the game at hand. I think I did it the right way."

The decision to be a Cornhusker had everything to do with being comfortable at Nebraska and with the staff. On top of that, Nebraska seems most interested in using Rex on the field at the same positions that he wants to play.

"I just felt so comfortable with it and really feel like it was where I fit in the best. Coach John Papuchis has special teams and said they want me on offense and special teams."

Seasons overlap each other now and Burkhead went straight from football to basketball. A standout in track, Burkhead is electing to skip track to work on getting ready for football at Nebraska.

"I am playing basketball now. I am not going to run track in the spring. I am hopefully going to get Coach Dobson's workout plan down here and get going on that.

"I would like get to work on that long before I get up to Lincoln to report this summer. I just have basketball, signing day and then try and get back up there for the spring game."

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