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The holiday break will kick off for Chris Omigie on the fourth consecutive campus that he will have seen in a very busy month of recruiting. In four weeks, it's been four trips for Omigie. What happens next though is the next question. All signs point to Omigie getting ready to make a decision, soon.

At 6-foot-5 and 190-pounds, Chris Omigie is a standout on the grid iron and the hard court for Arlington (Texas) Martin. Omigie has been a big part of Martin's success in both sports this year.

"Yeah, I am ready," Omigie said. "I am playing basketball right now and we are playing well. I don't think that we are rated or anything.

"I don't know what I am averaging, but I have been playing forward and center for my team. We are playing well though right now."

Omigie will wrap up all of his official visits this weekend with one last trip this weekend. The first visit came in October, but since then Omigie has taken three others in a row in the months of November and December.

"The visits have gone well. I have been to Colorado State, Nebraska, Purdue and then Baylor all in a row. This weekend I head up to Kansas. My last four have been consecutive weekends."

The plan is to get all of the recruiting trips wrapped up right before the holiday break begins for Omigie. More than that, the time off will allow him to start thinking about where he would like to go to school.

"No, not really. I never really set a date for my decision or anything. I was just thinking that I would make a decision sometime right after Christmas.

"The time around Christmas will give me a chance to really think about those trips I have taken and each school. It will be a chance to do some comparing before deciding."

The Huskers have been in-home as recently as this week with Omigie. The Huskers sent the head coach, position coach and recruiting coach to get in-home and talk with Omigie and his family. Omigie's mom was unable to travel to Nebraska for the official visit.

"Yes, Nebraska has been here to see me in-home. Nebraska was here on Tuesday night. It was Coach Bo Pelini, Coach Ted Gilmore and Coach Tim Beck.

"The head coach taking the time to come and visit me as they prepare for their bowl game really shows how much they want me."

While the Huskers are clearly in the race for Omigie, he is not saying that anyone is leading or that he has even thought about a leader. Omigie will sort all of that out over the next week or so.

"I guess that you could say that about Nebraska. I would probably have to say that about all of the schools that I have visited. I haven't started to narrow anything down yet."

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