Green ready for Lincoln

It was a shootout in the 4A championship in San Antonio yesterday with Cody Green leading his Dayton (Texas) team against Sulphur Springs. Over 100 points were scored and over 1,400 yards were racked up in a game that, unlike so many this season for Green, didn't end in Dayton's favor. Green reflects on the season and getting to Lincoln in a couple of short weeks

The 4A state title game score between Dayton (Texas) and Sulphur Springs (Texas) looks more like a basketball score than a football score at 69-49. Cody Green, Dayton's quarterback and Nebraska commitment, said there was something special about his team this year despite losing in the championship game.

"It was a great season," Green said. "There was just something different, something special when it came to this team. You just knew we could do big things."

Green led Dayton to over 600 yards of total offense putting up 330-yards passing on 21 of 34 passes with six scores. His totals for the year were just as impressive.

"I think that it was like 3,200 yards passing, 1,600 yards rushing, 37 touchdowns passing, 26 rushing touchdowns and five interceptions."

Green went out and doubled his rushing statistics putting to rest some of the rumors about him not being able to throw the ball. Green likens the need to put to bed that rumor like exorcising a demon.

"Yeah, because my whole junior year and even the beginning of this year everyone was saying that I was just a good runner. I had a lot of demons to exorcise pretty much and to show them that I could throw."

Green is just a day away from taking the field for the last time in high school and just weeks away from starting a whole new life in college. The holiday time is a well deserved break and it's time to get ready.

"Since my season is over, it's about time to start packing my stuff, spending some time with the family and get ready to start college. That's it."

Making the adjustment from being the star quarterback in high school to a name on the depth chart on a college football team is something that everyone has to learn to do. Green already knows that he doesn't know everything.

"You have to re-humble yourself. I know that's not really a word, but you have to get ready to learn everything again. As a senior in high school, you think you know everything and you don't."

Despite needing to ground himself and his situation, Green also needs to remember that there is a starting job at stake. He wants to go in and win, but if he doesn't he would like to back up. If not, then he will red shirt.

"I am going in thinking that I am going to do everything within my power to win that starting job. And if I don't, I hope I get the second one. And if I don't get the second, then I will probably red shirt. I am going in with all my guns ready."

One thing is for sure, Green has bought into what Bo Pelini and Nebraska are doing. He said that he felt it the moment that he got to Nebraska and realized that there is a whole state supporting you.

"Oh yeah I have, ever since I stepped foot in Nebraska. It's hard to explain what it so special about Nebraska; it's just so hard to believe when people tell you about it.

"But, then you get up there and you see it. It's just a shock. You really can't grasp the whole state being behind a college team like Nebraska is. When I saw that, I was sold."

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