WR Chris Omigie

This past weekend, WR Chris Omigie, of Martin High School in Arlington, TX, took his fifth and final official visit to Kansas. Upon returning home, Omigie reflected on his experience and then talked to Scout.com about where he is at in the process.

"It went good," said Omigie speaking of his visit to Kansas. "I enjoyed myself. Everything, from one visit to another, is slightly different so it was good to see how the coaches interact with the players, meet the team, see what they have to offer academically, and things like that. I think, I got a good feel for what Kansas has to offer me."

After taking four previous visits, Omigie should have a standard, for what he is looking for in a school/program. However, he says that he is open minded to everything the schools have to offer and doesn't enter his visits with any expectation.

"Everything is always even when I go on my visits because going in, you don't really know what to expect. I mean, I have been on other visits but, every school is different. They all offer something unique and it's going to be the little things that make you feel comfortable. And that's what I look for."

When asked how the Kansas visit stacked up to the other schools he has visited (Baylor, Colorado State, Nebraska, and Purdue), Omigie replied, "I don't really look at it like that. Like I said, I like things about each one and now I have to sit down and weigh my options and see what school best fits my priorities and see where I feel the most comfortable."

Things that are on the table for each school:

Baylor: "They are an up and coming team and I would be a big part of them taking the next step. It's also close to home and my family likes it.

Colorado State: "I have a really good relationship with the coaches there. I have a good feeling about the people at the school and the coaches up there stress to me that I would do well up there."

Nebraska: "At Nebraska, you have so much fan support. The environment around the football team is great. It's like the whole state supports the team. I was also surprised by there academics. You aren't just a football player up there. Coach Pelini wants you to succeed on and off the field and me and my parents like that."

Purdue: "They have a real good program for the major I want to pursue. I want to be an engineer and if I go to Purdue, I would be able to get a great job after football is over."

Kansas: "They have always been one of the top schools to me. They throw the ball, I can play early, and after seeing the coaches and meeting the team, I feel good about what I can do and accomplish at Kansas. It was like a family."

Omigie will discuss the situation with his parents over the holidays and plans on making a decision soon after the new year.

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