OH, what a week that was and Oh what a week that will be. It's getting that time again. That time of year where tensions mount, people's angst starts to rise and excitment starts to reach a feverish pitch. No, it's not your yearly prostate examine, it's RECRUITING SEASON and as months go, December is a hot month indeed. Check out this edition of TAKE ONE as we spin you down the week that was and give you a slight preview as to what you could expect.

Ok, in this edition of TAKE ONE, there are STILL NO COACHES and how much effect will that have on recruiting? Don't believe anyone that tells you different, it does have an effect. It's not negligible, it's not irrelevant and it's not an overstated matter, if a LB doesn't have a LB coach to talk to, that's a problem.

With that being said, it looks like there was actually some good news to come out of this last weekends visits


Was he a commit? OL, Darin DeLone, well his coach said he was a commit, so we'll take that as good. FINALLY A COMMIT.

6'5" and 320 lbs. Of whopping he-man. You know what though? This kid wasn't even on the radar as far as JUCO scouts were concerned at the beginning of the year and now, look where he is at. An O lineman heading to "O-lineman U".

Nice job Darin.

As for the other visits that took place that didn't end up in commits, but didn't turn away heads either.

DE, Kyle Caldwell, NU is still in it

QB, Courtney Denson - It's all about depth here and if he thinks NU is more shallow than V. Tech, he's going to do a reversal of committal, but you can bet your bottom dollar that if NU gets one solid QB commit that isn't Denson, Courtney is looking for pastures elsewhere.

TE, Martin Rucker - Visit went good as expected, but come on. This kid has seen NU more times than most of the freshman on NU have. His mom could have given the tour. One thing has changed though in that it looks like rather than take visits elsewhere, he's sticking to Missouri and Nebraska and making his decision soon.

TE, J.B. Phillips - Hey, he had a great visit, NU is number one. Oh yeah, this was his first visit. Do you remember what I said about first visits? Yeah, that's right, but this one might actually be a good lean for NU as it's up to Oklahoma State and Kansas State to show they have something better than NU. J.B. was impressed, so we'll just tune into this later as it develops.

LB, Corey McKeon - Liked his visit, but still has visits to take. Sometimes, this kid is a little hard to read, but NU is up there, no question about it. It's just a matter of attrition.

TE, Eddie Whitaker - reports are that he liked it, but we haven't had a chance to talk to him, so tune in later for updates on Eddie.

That leaves Brian Staley and Walli Muhammad.

Brian we are still trying to get a hold of and Walli, well, there's a rumor that he committed to Nebraska. We would love to confirm that, but as he has pulled a Mission Impossible disappearance, we will do our best investigative work to try and track him down.


There was another rumor (you have to love those rumors) that CB, Mike Smith out of Pima CC had committed to NU.


After going through just about every coach Mike has ever had, I was finally able to talk to his high school coach and then Mike himself and there was no commit at all.

Now, NU is the leader. There's little question there, but USC is recruiting him as is Texas Tech and both the Huskers and the Raiders have offered Mike.

He's taking a trip to NU in January, will graduate in May and has three years to play two.

Rumor over.


The commit that wasn't would describe the issue with QB, Walter Washington. He got calls, more calls and more calls asking about his commit. The thing is, there wasn't one........."yet".

Yeah, that's a yet, so hang on, NU is still in the lead for this guy, so TO ME, it's just a matter of time.


tick..tick...tick...tick...tick...tick.........ok, that's my best Walter Cronkite intro impression.

Ian Yates Cunningham is done with his visits or that's what we think. He's supposed to announce on Wednesday and guess who gets the last in-house visit..............SOLICH..


You people have no idea how much kids love this guy and Ian was particularly impressed with Solich on his visit.

For me, that means NU has the edge. I know depth chart is an issue with him, but hey if anyone can convince him that NU needs him, it's Solich. This could be a commit not ready to happen, but in the making.

Ian is supposed to announce where he is going in a Lemming chat. That's weird, but oh well.


Did I say he would fall off the map? Yes I did and guess what..........HE'S OFF THE MAP.


He visited Georgia Tech..............and? And nothing, this kid is a Husker waiting to happen. Put it in the bank.

CALVIN ROBERTS is coming to town, Calvin Roberts is coming to town.

The kid that was offered by Miami, Oklahoma and UCLA, just to name a few is visiting NU and NU's chances are good. Why? Because NU is offering him as a QB of course.

Calvin visits on the twentieth as does Brett Byford, listed right above him.

ANTHONY GUERRERO........................buh bye

Dick....I mean, DOUG VAN DYKE...............buh bye.......he's announcing Thursday

BRIAN SOI cancelled a visit to NU if you didn't already know and he had just a peachy keen time with HALOTI Ngata and the guys up at Oregon.


Excuse me. What makes anyone think that NU has a shot at this kid? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Went to Iowa, didn't commit to Iowa, is visiting Nebraska next week. . This is where NU can really make an impact and I am telling you, everyone thinks it's ND because NU never beats them for recruits.

You might want to be careful about being so sure of ND's superiority. I would be more worried about Iowa if I were you.


PELINI? PINKEL? RHOADES? Who in the hell is going to be the new DC?

Ok, NU would appear to have escaped this last weekend without any major PR damage. They might have even got two commits, rather than just the known one. Well, with that being said, does the pressure build for NU now that next weekend seems to be panning out to be as big as this weekend was, if not bigger?

Yeah, I think so, but if NU wasn't going to beat this deadline to get a coach in, don't expect them to beat next week's deadline. Well, ok, maybe they will, but I would guess that's because they found their guy.

And who is their guy?

I have no friggen clue. Watching this Pelini drama is just hard on my ulcers and give it up to the Green Bay press for basically getting nothing right in their update that had Pelini basically headed down to Lincoln by today.


As Jeff Jamrog said, kids want to know who their coach is and well, NU fans are probably right there with them. They want to know. Hell, even outsiders who don't care want to know, so that means, something has to happen.................................I guess.

Hell, I don't know. This is about as melodramatic as I can get with something that seems to have built up to it's crescendo at least four or five different times.

I give up. I can't take it anymore.

Here's your drama for this week kiddies.

Ian-Yates Cunningham announces Thursday, Brett Byford could commit either on the spot or before Christmas (that's just four days after his visit), NU just got this behemoth from Cali. And who knows what Will Oliver will think if his good friend does indeed go to NU.

Oh yeah and let's not forget Joe Thomas and that means that out of the top five guys left on the offensive line from high school, that is considering NU, NU still has a shot at all of them.

Hello Offensive Line from Hell..............err, I mean, from Heaven. Either or, they are gooooooooood.

This up-coming visit salvo could mark the single biggest salvo since the expected baker's dozen for this last weekend ended up only being nine.

We'll keep tabs on the final tally of this one to see if it sets the mark for the year.



Ok, NU will get Washington......................

Defrand and Hill are going to be close on graduating. If they don't'...........it's up in the air as to where they go next year. If they do, my bet is still on NU.

Ok, here is my wild-no-holds-barred guesses as to the JUCOS coming to Nebraska and some of these are from left friggen field, but let's take a chance, shall we?

Langenfeld? No, he's SEC bound

Staley? No, same, my bet is SC

LeUndo Adams? Me thinks Iowa or Kansas State

Tyson Thompson? Arkansas or Alabama

Chijoke Onyenegcha? USC

Damn, I am just full of good news, aren't I? Ok, out of thsoe guys listed, LeUndo is NU's best shot and Staley is a distant second. IMO of course

Well, to wrap it up, let's yack about the coaching changes.


Recruits don't like it, fans don't like it and you know the coaches don't like it. You see how bloodshot Jeff Jamrog's eyes are? Man, he's either dead tired or drunk to the rafters. My bet is tired.

Seriously, the impact behind NU getting a coach in place or at least announced this week would be significant, but if NU has a good enough damage control plan in place, I think they have the recruiters to see it through.

Coaches are going to help, but better the right coaches than the other kind and between Solich, Jamrog, Brown and the rest, there's enough recruiting power here to put a decent band-aid on what's going on

But, it can't keep going on.

Biggest possible commit this week folks is IAN-YATES CUNNINGHAM. If NU gets him, considering that the biggest get of the year so far and a possible lead in to a serious deluge of commits to come.

If you build it, they will come. Well, if one big name commits, others sometimes follow along. And besides, this is the time of the year when you want the big commits. When everyone is paying so much attention to recruiting, this is where you start pulling your big namers out of the hat and saying, "here, look what we have" and that translates at least somewhat down the road to recruits for a year or so to come.

Sometimes, image is good, but timing is everything.

Ok, that's it for this round of jibberish. You folks stay tuned to the INSIDE NU&RECRUITING BOARD, because this week should be interesting. Cross your fingers on the coaches, but keep them double crossed (is that possible?) For commits to happen.

Have fun, be safe and remember, friends don't let friends become Colorado fans.

Steve Ryan can be reached at huskerconnection@neb.rr.com or 402-730-5619

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