Huskers still in it for five star?

In a December update with, Jason Pierre-Paul was quoted as saying the Huskers were no longer a team on his radar. Big Red Report tracked down the touted defensive linemen from Fort Scott community college to get the latest, are the Huskers still in the mix?

From some of his recent updates it sounded like Jason Pierre-Paul was a lock for South Florida. But after visiting the school a couple weeks ago, is this still the case?

"That visit was alright, but I don't have a leader. I got to meet some of the players and coaches so that was cool. I don't know how hard I'm really looking at them though. I have some other visits I need to take.

"I'm back home in Florida right now and it's kind of boring here. I'm getting kind of tired of looking at things around here. I'm thinking I might head out of here for school."

Jason said he has one more visit set in stone at this point, but another could be on the horizon.

"I'm headed to Kansas State for an official visit on January 19th. I just want to see what they have to offer, I know they just got a new coach in there. I don't have anything set up for that last visit but I might still take one more after Kansas State. When I get done taking these visits I'm going to make my decision."

But what about the recent quotes from you stating the Huskers were not an option?

"Nah, I'm still looking at Nebraska. I had a good visit there and they are still in the mix. Once I take the rest of my visits I'll know for sure where I want to go."

His Fort Scott squad recently played in the Champs Heart of Texas Bowl. Jason and another name familiar to Husker fans helped get the victory.

"BK (Brandon Kinnie) brought home the MVP from the game, he went all out. I had a few quarter back pressures and one interception in the game. That team talked a lot of noise before the game, but when we got done with them they were pretty quite."

As always, Big Red Report will bring you the information on Jason's recruitment as it comes in.

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