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It seemed that after a test score that left Earnest Norman short of qualifying for Nebraska that his dream of being a Cornhusker was over. However, that last test score was just a set back. The same hurdle was there for Norman to climb over and despite all that, and not being academically qualified yet, he remains a Husker commit.

It must be nice to be out in Myrtle Beach (S.C) for the holidays. What's more is that you are taking part in the Offense-Defense All-Star game which will take place on Friday.

"It's a bit windy and cold," Earnest Norman said. "It's alright. We are in the middle of two-a-days and they suck! We are up everyday at 6:00 and finish up practice at 4:00.

"The days have been long, playing football every day and all day long. The game is coming up quick though. It's on Friday and it's going to be televised on Fox College Sports that night at 6:00."

For most participating in all-star games the speed of the other players and the game itself is the biggest adjustment. For Norman, that is not the case. He is caught up in a difference of scheme.

"It's just different. The coaches that we have are from the east coast so what they do out here is much different than how we play defense down in Texas. That is the biggest challenge for me."

Before Christmas, Norman received a test score that wasn't good enough for him to meet the admission standards at Nebraska. Following that test score, there was a belief that because of that test score that Norman wasn't going to be a Husker anymore.

"I have kept up communication with Nebraska all December. I emailed them. It's understood that I am committed to them and that they are committed to me. I have been communicating with my recruiting coach, Carl Pelini."

Norman hasn't been in a lot of contact with the Nebraska staff as of late. Then again, he isn't exactly at home and not doing anything and the same can be said for the Nebraska coaches as well.

"I talked to Nebraska before I left. I know that they are in Florida and I haven't spoken to them a lot lately because they are busy too. This is all about my test score and I am close. Really close. Everything is set for me to be a Husker."

Prior to committing to Nebraska, Norman had committed to Tulsa first and then to Kansas. Nebraska got Norman to re-consider his commitment to the Jayhawks, but Kansas hasn't stopped pursuing Norman.

"Kansas is still calling me all of the time. Their coaches keep calling me and telling me that if I came to Kansas that I could have a chance to play next year. I am a Husker and that is what I keep telling them."

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