A prelude to a Husker: Cody Green

The hopes of the 2009 recruiting class are high. Most of those hopes seem to be pinned to the development and the production that Cody Green has in Lincoln one day as the signal caller. Green is headed up to Lincoln in less than a week, so Big Red Report took this last opportunity to catch up with him so you could get to know him a little better.

Cody Green from Dayton (Texas) is enrolled at Nebraska and will start classes in two weeks in Lincoln. Big Red Report brings you one last recruiting article with Green before he embarks on his trip to Nebraska.

Why did you choose Nebraska?

"It was the tradition and the atmosphere. When I got up there it really felt like home. It was the coaches and the people. It was all of the people. From the time I landed in Omaha, everyone was just so nice and welcoming."

What other schools were you considering?

"Just Texas A&M."

What were your final stats for this year?

"I believe that I had 3,600 yard passing, 1,700 yards rushing and 60 total touchdowns."

What honors did you win?

"I was the offensive MVP for the district. I was honorable mention all-state. Down here it's a little political."

What are you looking forward to the most by enrolling at mid-term?

"Working with Coach Shawn Watson and picking Joe Ganz's mind before he leaves. That was a big thing for me. I knew that I would only have that spring. He knows the offense inside and out. That would help me bunches on how he learned the offense and easy ways to learn it."

What are your immediate goals for this year and what is a goal that you hope to have met by the time you leave Lincoln?

"My first goal is just to go in there and try to compete; especially during the spring game. If not get that starter spot then get the second one. If I have to red shirt, so be it. Hopefully by the time I leave Lincoln we will have one of those big, ol' national championship rings."

What is a Cornhusker?

"A Cornhusker? Uh, honestly I have no idea. I am guessing that it's just someone that shucks corn."

The journey to be a Husker has been a long time in the making for Cody Green who committed to Nebraska back in the beginning of July. Cody leaves Wednesday to start his collegiate career in Lincoln.

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