A Prelude to a Husker: Kevin Young

There were mutterings that Nebraska was still being considered by Kevin Young, but even Young would tell you that even up to the actual official visit that he was solid to Kansas. The visit changed his mind about his college decision and will be enrolling at Nebraska in January. Young talks about the All-American game and his decision to be a Husker.

Kevin Young was able to get a glimpse of a game at a faster speed with better personnel this past week when he participated in the Offense-Defense All-American Game. Young reflected on his experience.

"It was definitely a great experience," Young said. "Getting able to play in an all-star, an All-American game was great. Getting a chance to play against the guys I will be playing against the next four or five years was a great opportunity."

Young said that there are a couple of things that he will take away from the game just beyond the honor to play in such a game. Like so many others say, the speed of the game with all that talent was something that Young saw.

"Regular high school ball to this was way, way faster. Everyone was quicker and better. Everyone was just as good as or better than you are out there. It reminds you that you have to put your work in."

Young said that he thought that he played well, but he knows that he has to improve still. "It's a different game, a different speed. I made some plays, but I know that I have to get better. There were a lot of good players out there."

That was just a follow-up to his experience in the All-American game. However, Kevin is also enrolling at Nebraska at mid-year and it's time to catch up with him before he becomes a Husker.

Why did you choose Nebraska?

"I was originally committed to Kansas and even up to my official visit I was solid to Kansas and didn't have any intentions of that changing. I just went down there and it was unbelievable. It was the atmosphere, the way that all of the people treated you and the way the coaches treated you. I felt like that would better me over the next four years and better me for the rest of my life. That's really where I wanted to be."

What other schools were you considering?

"Like I said, up to the visit to Nebraska it was just Kansas."

What were your final stats for this year?

"I had like six sacks, 37 tackles and that is all that I know of. I missed like four games with a left knee injury."

What honors did you win?

"I was all-league, all-city, all-metro and all-state."

What are you looking forward to the most by enrolling at mid-term?

"Anyone that goes to school early gets that jump on the other freshmen. You get a chance to get used to everything and used to the system. That is what I am looking forward to. Getting into the weight room, into the classroom and getting a chance to meet everyone else."

What are your immediate goals for this year and what is a goal that you hope to have met by the time you leave Lincoln?

"My goal this year is to play some spring ball and hopefully play as a true freshman. By the time I leave I would like to be starting and be an All-American. I would also like to win a National Championship. That is everyone's dream when they go on to play college football. I think that Nebraska can do it. They have turned that whole program around."

What is a Cornhusker?

"Uh, I really don't have that much knowledge about Nebraska to know. I guess it's like a country town? Country people that live in the country town?"

Young said that he hasn't given much thought to what number he wants to wear in college. In high school, he was assigned #31 and just kept the number all the way through high school. Young would like to wear #58 possibly and he takes off for Lincoln this Saturday.

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