A Prelude to a Husker: Dejon Gomes

If there was an emphasis in the class for Nebraska this year it would have to be on the defensive side of the ball. To be even more precise, the emphasis is in the secondary. The Husker class consists of at least six players that are destined to play in the secondary including mid-year transfer, Dejon Gomes, who should have an immediate impact.

Why did you choose Nebraska?

"A few of the reasons why I chose Nebraska was because of their tradition, fan support and the environment. I believe that their defense really fits me. They need real physical corners."

What other schools were you considering?

"It was Kansas, Utah and Houston."

What were your final stats for this year?

"I had 39 tackles, four interceptions, two forced fumbles, two recovered fumbles and I think that I had 14 pass break ups. I can play in zone or in man to man. I started out playing more man to man. I got used to zone coverage and baiting quarterbacks. I picked up the routes from the receivers."

What honors did you win?

"I was all-conference and I think that is the Northern California Conference."

What are you looking forward to the most by enrolling at mid-term?

"I just want the opportunity to compete. I want to get some reps and make the most of that. I also wanted to get that early start over the other players that will be arriving that summer."

What are your immediate goals for this year and what is a goal that you hope to have met by the time you leave Lincoln?

"My immediate goal is to just to go out and give it my all and see where it takes me. My overall goal is to leave Lincoln with a degree."

What is a Cornhusker?

"Someone who husks corn?"

Dejon Gomes has already signed his Letter of Intent to Nebraska. Gomes could be in a good position to find his way into at least the nickel and dime reps immediately in Lincoln as well as push for base defense starting consideration.

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