Things change...

While there were reasons to believe that Earnest Norman did have an uphill struggle in front of him to qualify it still was something that was achievable. Today, Norman had a chance to sit down with Nebraska and talk about his academic situation.

Earnest Norman, a 6-foot-0 and 220-pound linebacker from Euless (Texas) Trinity, was committed to Kansas when he took an official visit to Nebraska and changed his commitment.

There has been some speculation that Norman had his work cut out for him to get qualified. More than that, had actually taken him off of the Nebraska commitment list for a while. It seems, that will happen again.

The Nebraska staff is out on the road. Today, one of the Nebraska assistant coaches was in to see Earnest Norman and his academic situation was covered. In an email to Big Red Report, Earnest Norman informed us that he is no longer committed to Nebraska.

"Coach Tim Beck came to see me today," Norman said, "and I am no longer committed to Nebraska. I didn't qualify so he told me that I needed to start to look elsewhere.

"I will either go to the United States Military (Navy), New Mexico, Utah State, Michigan State or to Junior College."

With the parting of ways between Nebraska and Norman leaves the Nebraska class at 22 known commitments. There is still also the possibility of Antonio Bell getting into the 2009 class after missing a passing test score to enroll for the spring semester.

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