Bell good to go?

There are a number of new Huskers who are expected to arrive in Lincoln within the next week. One happens to be an older Husker, of sorts. We caught up with Antonio Bell to see just how his road to qualifying is going.

Daytona Beach, Florida standout wide receiver Antonio Bell didn't have the one class he needed to enroll this last Fall. So, the duty between then and now has been to make it so that he could enroll this month.


"I'm still waiting to hear back from the NCAA Clearinghouse on my transcripts, but I know I made it," Bell said with a sigh of relief. "It really is a big load off my shoulders, and I am pretty excited to get up there."

The alternative for Bell would have likely been junior college. After talking to some friends of his who had already gone that route, Bell is feeling very good that he's not going to have to go that way. "They said I didn't want to go. They said that that's really not a place you want to be," Bell said.

Bell said that he'll find out within the next two days as he just learned not even an hour ago and he was academically qualified, and now he just needs the official acknowledgment from the NCAA.

But Bell is ready to go.

"I can't wait to get up there. This feels really good, because I wanted to get up there last year, but better now than never. I'm just glad that I am going to make it and don't have to go someplace else.

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