Slipping with Paul?

It's been a long time since Jason Pierre-Paul was in Lincoln. In fact, it's been since the weekend of September 5th since Pierre-Paul was in Lincoln for an official visit for the second game of the year. Since then, Paul had an amazing season at Fort Scott (Kans.) and led them to a bowl game. It's another official visit under his belt and one to go as Pierre-Paul is nearing a decision.

At 6-foot-6 and 275-pounds, Jason Pierre-Paul is a force to be reckoned with at his defensive end position. Pierre-Paul helped lead Fort Scott to an impressive record this fall.

"I think that we were 9-2 or 10-2," Pierre-Paul said. "I am not for sure. I think 10-2. We went to the Hot Bowl down in Houston, Texas."

"I returned an interception for a touchdown that game, three sacks and seven tackles. On the season, I had 15 sacks and 86 tackles and that interception."

When you have a person of Pierre-Paul's caliber, you don't need to scheme. You don't need to do anything but just line him up and have him beat the man across from him.

"I played mostly at defensive end at the five technique. I didn't move around a lot. I played pretty much at the defensive end spot the whole season."

Pierre-Paul was in Lincoln in September. He has since taken one other visit and is set for his third this weekend to a school that is very close.

"I have taken some other visits since Nebraska. I went to Arizona in November and I go to Kansas State this weekend."

The interest in Pierre-Paul has been inconsistent according to him. He said that the Huskers have not been keeping up with him as regularly as some of the others schools do.

"Not really, no sir. They say that they want me, but they really haven't talked to me a lot. It makes me not think about them, really."

There are two schools right now that seem to be trying the hardest for Pierre-Paul's signature next month. Pierre-Paul said that after this visit this weekend that he should know where he's going soon.

"I would say that Kansas State and USF are the two schools that are contacting me the most right now. I would like to make a decision in a couple of weeks after this visit."

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