Wildcat whuppin'

A penalty and foul-ridden basketball game took place Saturday evening as the Nebraska Cornhuskers took on the Kansas State Wildcats at the Devaney Center in the annual Hall-of-Fame Game. The Huskers (11-4) were looking for their second win in Big 12 action while the Wildcats(11-5) were looking for their first win in three tries in Big 12 play.

That win would not come against the Huskers as they were able to stop with Wildcats with a final score of 73-51.

Paul Velander and Cookie Miller were the stars of this game with each of them putting up double-digit scoring efforts. Velander was not to be denied in a game that saw him put up 6 three-pointers in a 20 point performance.

Ryan Anderson made his presense felt early when he stole a dribble and eventually it turned into 2 points for Steve Harley giving the Huskers their first lead of the game early in the first half.

Kansas State played very sloppily in the first half of the game giving up two traveling calls, one 5-second violation, and even a 10-second violation among others in offensive play in that saw 24 turnovers by the Wildcats.

That's not to say the Huskers played without their flaws. The defense looked great early forcing those turnovers, but sloppy breakaways and ball handling kept the game low scoring in the first half.

Paul Velander was eventually able to create some distance with back to back three point shots that got the crowd into the game and a quick layup by Ade Dagunduro gave the Huskers a 11 point lead as the first half came to a close. The Huskers never looked back.

Despite the stop and go action of the fouling early in the second half, (in which a foul occurred nearly every fifteen seconds), the Huskers were able to keep scoring while the Wildcats could not get anything going as the Huskers enjoyed their biggest lead of the game at 30 points.

The Wildcats changed their defensive scheme in the second half to try and put more pressure on the Huskers than they had previously. It looked fairly similar to the defense that Nebraska runs with two and sometimes three players on the ball-handler. The defense proved ineffective as the Huskers were still able to counter with Cookie Miller going under the defenders (along with putting up a three-pointer) and Paul Velander staying hot in three-point range.

After the game, Coach Doc Sadler said how pleased he was with the performance tonight, but that the fifteen turnovers the Huskers committed were too many.

"Overall, how could you not be very, very happy with the game," Sadler said during his press conference. "We get to move on now, and play a great team on Wednesday night."

The game Sadler is referring to is against Oklahoma in Norman. It'll be the Huskers toughest game to date.

Sadler also talked a bit about the newest player to the Nebraska team, Brian Diaz. The nearly 7-foot-tall Diaz arrived during the game and has successfully enrolled at the University of Nebraska. As of playing time, Sadler wasn't sure when he would see the court.

"If he wants to play and can help us and make a difference then we will look at him," Sadler said. "But is he willing to give away half of a year, I don't know."

More on Brian Diaz will be discovered in the coming days, but for now, Nebraska is happy with the victory against Kansas State.

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