Pelini or not Pelini? That's the question

It wasn't Fort Knox, but you would have thought that the seemingly increased number of people that were around to "protect" made you feel as if the governor was coming to Cook Pavillion and not the Linebackers' coach of the Green Bay Packers. Governor? What's he going to do? All he can do is raise the prices on everything while this linebacker coach could help bring intimidation and dominance back to a defense that was able to inflict little this season.

Pelini is in town.......Pelini is in town!! It's an exaltation born of anticipation, but born equally out of desperation. The source for that desperation won't be recapped here. It's been recapped everywhere, all year to the point where everyone has had just about enough. Now, they just want some relief.

Well, take one Pelini and make an announcement in the morning and the road to recovery is secure. Yeah, that's overstating it a bit, putting the cart before the horse, but considering the collapse of the team as a whole this last season, there's literally no place to go but up. Someone with Pelini's expertise and NFL type recruiting clout along with youthful drive to succeed, well there's your combination for success.

Bo Pelini was in town, but as you might guess, wasn't available for comment. Heck, coach Frank Solich didn't even want to concede he was even first. "What makes you think he's even here?" Solich jokingly asked a reporter who asked if Pelini came into town with his wife.

Solich did admit though as it was obvious the press had already done their homework, cameras waiting for Pelini has he arrived at Cook. "Yes his wife was with him." Solich stated.

The arrival of Pelini only invigorates Husker fans as to what a weekend this could be, what with the announcement that Steve Pederson would be coming over from Pittsburgh to be NU's new Athletic Director. That announcement was welcome to a coach who's known Pederson from , as they say, "back in the day". "I was glad to see the movement made as quickly as it was." Solich stated in regards to the expeditious process by Chancellor, Harvey Pearlman. "I think it's great for the program."

"Steve has been excellent every where that he's been. He's the type of guy that fits very well into our program..

If that wasn't enough, the bountiful supply of recruits in this weekend mean that Nebraska could get an A.D., a DC and maybe a QB, DE or LB all in the same two to three days.

With this proverbial circus that seems to be going on, the distractions are there for everyone. Right now, could some even tell you who NU is playing in the bowl game or when exactly it is? They would probably be able to tell you the names of Steve Pederson's kid, what kind of plane Bo Pelini came in on and the height, weight and 40 time of each valuable recruit on their visit this weekend.

Right now, no offense to Ole Miss, that's where NU future lies. Not the fate of what happens in the Independence Bowl. But then, that's just me.

Of course, there will be a game played in just about a week. NU leaving for Louisiana on Monday, so the expectations behind tomorrow morning before or after practice are there. With Pelini certainly on a tight schedule to get back to Wisconsin, if he truly is the guy, if they want to name him as DC, the only time to do that with him here is tomorrow.

The players have felt more fatigue coming off of finals than they have of the pressure of this little "to do". In fact, from the smiles on some of their faces, watch us as we clamor about for a sighting or a quote, they are probably even having a little fun.

After a season like they have had, they deserve a little and will undoubtedly try to make this up-coming trip as fun as it can be.

Now though, the fun is right here in Lincoln and for the fans, it could be tomorrow or later today I should say. Everything points to it, because if Pelini gets out of here without so much as a peep as to who the new DC is, all the speculation will start all over again and that's the last thing anyone wants.

Most of all, the coaches.

So, stay tuned Husker fans, because today could be just another "big day" in a series of big days as this soap opera that has been the 2002 season of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, continues.

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