Washington talks visit

The weather in Omaha the day that L'Damian Washington was set to arrive was terrible. His flights were delayed. A little bit of culture shock for a person from Shreveport (La.) to say the least. This is always a risk that needs to be evaluated when it comes to bringing in official visitors in the months of December or January for Nebraska. Can Washington get past the winter weather?

This weekend in Nebraska was a lot different than last weekend. Mother Nature reared her ugly head and brought a winter storm on Friday. However, L'Damian Washington from Shreveport (La.) Green Oaks made it in and was getting ready to head back home.

"I am at the airport," Washington said. "I am fixing to board the plane in a little while. The visit to Nebraska was good."

"I really liked the coaches, the players and the fans. The fans are crazy. They really are one of a kind here."

Washington said that the fans recognized him and the other visitors everywhere that they went. They were recognized at the basketball game and at the hotel where they were staying.

"You could see them pointing at you at the basketball game. The best one was when I first got to the hotel and was recognized.

"A woman came up to me and said her husband was a fan and he told her that I was L'Damian Washington. They recognized me.

"Then I was sitting down and a little kid came up to me and asked me from my autograph. That was a first for me. They breathe football there."

The weather actually delayed Washington getting to Nebraska on Friday. He said that it did get to him a little bit, but won't influence his decision. "It did a little bit. It won't play a major role in my decision."

This was the third visit for Washington, so far, but he didn't feel really comfortable rating the Nebraska visit or any of the other visits to this point.

"I have been to Louisiana Tech and to Minnesota. I am really not sure what I would rate any of my visits. The visit went well.

"I am not really going to say what it was on a scale of 1-10. I couldn't tell you. I am really not sure."

Not rating the Nebraska visit could indicate that the visit didn't go as well as he hoped. He admitted that if something could have been better then it would have been the weather.

"If I could say anything that could have been better then it definitely would have been the weather. That got to me a little bit."

Washington was hosted by someone from Louisiana. He did get the scoop that the weather isn't like that all the time in Lincoln and heard nothing but good things from his host about his experiences in Lincoln.

"My host was P.J. Smith, the safety from Baton Rouge (La.). He said spring ball that it's hot and humid, but the last games get kind of cold.

"Winter is winter, everywhere. He had nothing but great things to say about his time in Lincoln and how much he liked it there."

The Nebraska visit was supposed to be the last for Washington. However, there are a couple of late offers that he is now considering and might take one more trip this weekend.

"I have some more offers to consider. I have an offer from Missouri and Tulsa to play receiver. Missouri wants me to come up this last weekend."

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