Richards likes NU

This past summer, it was Wil Richards hope that his ankle would be healthy enough to try and put together a performance to impress the Nebraska staff. Unfortunately, he was unable to go and was left to try and get Nebraska to look his way this fall. The Huskers have and have come forward with a recruited walk-on spot for the second Lee's Summit (Mo.) West player in two years.

Wil Richards was back in Lincoln this weekend with an ankle injury again. Ironically the 5-foot-10 and 180-pound Richards from Lee's Summit (Mo.) West injured the other ankle this time.

"The ankle injury from this summer is good," Richards said referring to the bad ankle he had this summer. "I actually rolled my other one now. I have been dealing with that one."

Richards was one of four recruited walk-on visitors in Lincoln this weekend. This is Richards first time in Lincoln since this summer because he wasn't able to take any unofficial visits this fall.

"I was in Lincoln for an official visit. I didn't get a chance to get up there this fall for an unofficial visit because we were busy with football this season.

"It was pretty special. The coaching staff is unbelievable. They are all honest guys and won't BS you. They will tell you how it is.

"I was talking with Bo Pelini and I might go as a preferred walk-on. He was just telling me the difference between scholarship guys and walk-on guys is a few meals that get paid for.

"He isn't promising anybody anything. He is just giving everyone a chance to compete. That is really all that I think that I need."

That opportunity is all that Richards was hoping for. He is highly competitive by nature and might be looking to earn a scholarship in the coming years.

"It's all I can ask for. With the great staff that they have up there, every facet of the team is run by someone that you respect and you want to play hard for.

"I consider myself really competitive. I almost want to go up there right now, compete and try and take a scholarship; if it comes down to that."

Richards has a second source to talk about walking on beyond the coaches. Richards met with Matt Holt, a walk on from Lee's Summit (Mo.) West, who saw playing time this past year as a true freshman.

"He told me up there this weekend that no one really knew that he was a walk on until he told them. Getting treated like a scholarship player as a walk-on is special.

"That just doesn't happen at a lot of places. That plays a huge role in how I look at going up there as a walk-on potentially."

The visit couldn't have gone any better for Richards, but he didn't accept Nebraska's offer to walk on, yet. There might be another opportunity this week if he decides not to take an official this weekend.

"I didn't accept this weekend. Coach Carl Pelini will be in this week for a home visit. Most likely it will happen then or I will take an official visit to Air Force this weekend.

"I might just want, take that visit to Air Force and then make my decision. But, there is really nothing negative right now, to me, about going to play for Nebraska. Everything was perfect."

Richards grew up in a house that supported Nebraska football. Richards liked Nebraska because of their place in college football. Holt's family though has been influential on the Richards family and Nebraska.

"My dad is a big Nebraska fan. I am just a big football fan and the Huskers are a staple in college football. Nebraska is college football. I was raised on that.

"We have been friends with the Holt's for a while and both of his parents graduated from Nebraska. We have basically been around it for a very long time."

Richards also mentioned that he felt a strong connection to Nebraska's strength coach. Richards said James Dobson is excited about the direction of the football program.

"Coach James Dobson is my kind of guy. It was really fun to get a chance to talk to him. He is so enthusiastic about how things are going and the direction the program is going."

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