One more visit

Starting as early as Saturday afternoon, rumors began to swirl that Eric Martin had given the Nebraska coaching staff a verbal commitment. Because of issues with his phone and roaming, he was unable to talk about what was going on until tonight. Martin gives the Nebraska visit a "10", but did he pull the trigger on a commitment?

One of the two scholarship offered players in Lincoln this weekend was Eric Martin. Martin, from Moreno Valley (Calif.) Rancho Verde, had some phone issues in Lincoln, but is at home now.

"I am home," Martin said. "I didn't really go outside in the cold weather except for twice and once to have a snowball fight. I didn't really go in that weather.

"It was cold, but it really wasn't all that bad. It wasn't bad enough to where it's going to affect my decision. I was thinking about it and it won't come into play."

The winter storm in Lincoln was the first time that Martin had seen snow so it actually was in Nebraska's favor to an extent. "It was the first time I had ever been in snow. It was crazy. That was like a plus for me to see."

Martin said that the tour that he received showed him everything that he needed to know about Nebraska. He saw every nook and cranny with his guide and felt like everything was explained thoroughly.

"Actually, the thing that I liked the most was a tour that I got of all the facilities. I got a tour around everything and she showed me everything and explained everything."

Rumors started to pop up on Saturday about Martin committing. However, he hasn't committed yet, but has Nebraska at a very high spot in his mind.

"The thing about that is, I told Nebraska that I really liked them. Nebraska is highly in my mind. I really appreciate them and the weather doesn't do anything to that."

While Nebraska is up there with Martin, he isn't claiming any favorites. He admits all of the schools recruiting him have something going for them.

"I wouldn't say that, because I am not saying any favorites. All of the schools are great. All of the schools have shown me a good time in different ways."

Martin is going to take his last trip this weekend. After the visit this weekend he is planning on coming to a decision and announcing where he is going.

"I am taking a trip this weekend to Arizona State. After that, I will make my decision either that Monday or that Sunday night. I am going to let everyone know."

The Nebraska visit, despite the weather, gets a high mark from Martin. The football-heavy side of Nebraska is something that Martin is looking for in a school. He was really in awe of Nebraska's facilities.

"It was a "10", most definitely. They are really a great program. I am strictly football and they have a great program. I am not a big social guy. That is going to be there regardless.

"I am just a really big football guy and that is what I was looking for. It was eye-popping at Nebraska. Their indoor facilities, the new facilities being built and the players lounge were crazy.

"Their locker room was better than an NFL locker room. Their lockers were made of wood. It looked like a mansion in their facilities. My eyes were big. Their environment is really, really great and makes you want to play for them."

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