Mangieri impressed with Nebraska

If there is a position that simply doesn't get the credit it deserves then it might be the long snapping position. They are responsible for not only being fast with the snap, but accurate. Their play equals field position, points and in some cases the possibility of turnovers. That is why Nebraska is taking a hard shot at getting P.J. Mangieri in their recruited walk-on class.

A new name for Husker fans is recruited walk-on candidate, P.J. Mangieri. Mangieri, a 6-foot-4 and 220-pound deep snapper from Dunlap (Ill.) was in Lincoln this weekend for an official visit.

"It was awesome, man," Mangieri said. "I never really knew the atmosphere that Nebraska had. The crowd, the fans; it's just football, football, football all the time there.

"They had 85,000 fans show up to the spring game there last year. Teams like LSU get 12,000 to show up. It's mind-blowing how dedicated the fans are there.

"On top of that, the coaches are awesome. They make you feel at home. I couldn't have felt anymore comfortable around them at all."

All of the recruits have mentioned so far being recognized in Lincoln this past weekend. Mangieri said that he caught a couple of people looking at him, but said there was something giving his identity away.

"We caught a couple of people looking at us. I mean, you are walking around and you have the V.I.P. Nebraska football tags on so people are going to look."

If you watch the film on Mangieri deep snapping, it's impressive. There is a "standard" time for the snap to the punter in college apparently and his time is already better than that.

"From what I have heard the college standard from snap to the punter is .8 seconds. I am around .74 or .75. I am lower than that already."

Mangieri could also play another position in college. At 6-foot-4 and 220-pounds, he could play on offense of defense, but as for now he is just being looked at to snap the ball.

"As of now, it's just a deep snapper. I would like to eventually play another position, but my primary recruited position is as a snapper."

Mangieri has a tough decision coming up. Three other schools besides Nebraska have offered him the same opportunity. However, the Huskers are on top of that list.

"I am still talking things over with my family. Other schools are offering the same thing. Purdue, Wisconsin and Auburn are all talking about recruited walk-on.

"They are all taking about the same thing as Nebraska. As of right now, Nebraska is at the top. Nebraska stands out the most of those four schools."

Sometimes there are some ties for a recruit and Nebraska. While Mangieri does have a relative in Nebraska, there aren't any ties to the state or the school besides that.

"Actually, the only tie is that my grandma's sister lives there in Omaha. I don't have any other ties to the area, the state or the school."

Mangieri has two unofficial visits, some summer camps and this official visit to think about when it comes to his decision. Mangieri is set to decide by the end of the week.

"I have taken two unofficial visits to Purdue. I am not planning on taking any other visits this year. I will make up my mind by Friday on what I am going to do."

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